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Wedding Photographer Partners

From the sublime - a private island photo shoot complete with sparkling wine and beach hut backdrops - to the fairytale of sinking your toes into the white sand while holding your other half close, our photographers can capture your special wedding moments amid the exotically supreme locales of the Caribbean. Plan the wedding photo shoot of your dreams with a partner photographer that fits your unique style.

Dwayne Watkins

Throughout the Caribbean and USA, the career of Dwayne Watkins as a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer has raised the benchmark for delivering excellence. He translates real emotions into moments of colourful energy through attention to detail and his creative photography style. Dwayne's photography tells a story, capturing each wedding with a client-friendly focus and a solid recognition of the individuality of every couple. Named MACO Magazine's pick for Best Photographer in Jamaica (2012), Dwayne's portfolio also includes fashion and commercial work and he is the Director of Photography for parenting lifestyle Magazine - b3 Caribbean.
Photography deeply influences the way he looks at the world. It is an expression of his own vision: "to capture images that are an influential and emotional representation of people, beauty, and life."

Suki MacDonald Kapahi

Suki MacDonald Kapahi has had a camera in her hand for the past 28 years, finding art and magic in everything that fills her eyes and heart. Six years ago, she crossed over from amateur to pro photography. She began with small portrait shoots and progressed to weddings, villas, and magazine work. She is a hopeless romantic, and usually can be found shedding a tear or two behind her camera during the ceremony. For this reason, she always sees the beauty and love between the new couple and finds ways to bring them out in her images.

Tiffany Lue Yen

Through her passion to capture life's most sentimental moments, Tiffany's empathetic nature and photo-journalistic flair convey photographs full of warmth and emotion. Her patience and keen eye for detail allows her to capture the intricate elements of each couple's wedding day. Tiffany's wedding portfolio expands as a co-founder of the online wedding publication "I Do Fluff " - an image driven magazine that aims to unearth and highlight the best and brightest of the Jamaican wedding industry. Her photography has been featured in several notable publications such as The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Enquirer, plus a host of local media. Despite her accolades, she exudes not only humility, but also an unmistakable devotion to her work. From the big moments to the memorable details, Tiffany's imagery depicts a love story for every couple.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith can be considered as Jamaica's leading wedding photographer who creates 'Images that move you'. He believes weddings to be the only form of photography that combines the talents required for art, fashion, product, landscape, journalism, children and portraiture. It's all about capturing peoples' emotions in beautiful locations to preserve the memories of this most special time in their lives.