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Wedding Videography

Sandals knows how important it is to you to capture your destination wedding. We offer 3 styles of wedding videos that are as unique as you are. The Vintage Package which infuses the old with the new; we have the Traditional Package for brides and grooms who prefer narrative storytelling; the Contemporary Package is for the imaginative and poetic couple. Whichever package you choose, our professionals will make sure your wedding video is a timeless masterpiece.

Please note: Use of third party vendors for photography or other services that are offered by Sandals is strictly prohibited.

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Traditional Package

Something borrowed, Something blue... If traditional best describes your style, our videographers will capture your special day as it unfolds from beginning to end with the Traditional Wedding Video Package. Chronologically edited so that every time you view your video, you will relive the magical moments and be transported back to our Caribbean paradise.

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Vintage Package

For brides and grooms whose style is nostalgic and reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, we offer the Vintage Wedding Video Package. The video is taken in chronological order, embracing that old world feel and rustic charm. Accompanied by traditional Caribbean music, blending the modern and romantic.

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Contemporary Package

Our Contemporary Wedding Video Package is for those of you whose style is modern; compared to watching music videos, this style has a more artistic approach to the traditional theme. Your video will have the feel of a movie trailer; vignettes that are edited to blend into the mood of the music you choose to accompany it. Capturing your casual, elegant and playful sides.

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A la Carte Items

In addition to our video packages we also have an a la carte menu; which allows you to select items that best interpret your individual style. You can select from our previously designed packages and pick and choose items from our a la carte menu that accentuate it or create an interpretation that is all your own. Giving you the opportunity to turn the wedding you have always dreamed of into treasured memories.


For the moments you would like to cherish and share with your family and friends we have our add-on features. This allows you to customize your wedding Digital File with your signature touch.