Leave The City For The Islands: The Perfect Babymoon Ideas!

There is so much that goes into preparing for a new baby. You’ll spend months picking out paint colours, researching the best crib and car seat, and buying heaps of tiny cute things that you’ll probably use once. So much excitement and so many adjustments are required when welcoming a new member of your family. Whether this little bundle of joy is your first or your last, you and your partner deserve some quiet relaxation time before the new boss arrives!

Babymoons celebrate the strength of a couple’s love and the magic of creating a life together in the same way that honeymoons celebrate a new marriage. If you’re a couple who’s looking to soak in some much-needed alone time before your baby comes, you should think about planning a babymoon.

As popular as babymoons have become over the years, there are some tricks to the planning process that people often forget about. If you’re considering a babymoon, you should think about which month of pregnancy is best to go, where you should avoid travelling, and what sorts of activities are most suitable. In this post, we’ll answer all your babymoon questions (even the ones you didn’t know you had!) and give you our best suggestions for a comfortable and memorable babymoon getaway!

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What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is usually the last trip a couple takes together pre-baby. That’s why many couples emphasise passion and romance on their babymoon, mixed in with a bit of indulgence. Babymoons are sometimes combined with honeymoons for expecting couples that have just gotten married.

Babymoons are most popular with couples having their first baby (or babies), however, couples who already have children can also decide to travel to celebrate this important milestone! If your existing little ones will also be making the trip, your babymoon will become a familymoon, and you should opt for an all-inclusive resort that caters to families like Beaches.

Why go on a babymoon?

There are many reasons couples decide to take a babymoon, but the main objective is usually to spend time together. A babymoon is an especially great idea if you and your partner have not travelled together in a while, and want to enjoy some time away before your baby arrives. You should go on a babymoon if you want to enjoy time as a couple before diving into another way of life that includes a wonderful new addition.

When is the best time to go on a babymoon?

The second trimester is generally the best time to go on a babymoon. By this point, many expecting mothers have settled into the ‘feel-good’ part of their pregnancy. Pregnancy-related emergencies are also less likely during this period. While the second trimester is considered relatively safe to travel, you’ll still want to make sure you’re planning low-risk activities like spa days, swimming, dancing, and sightseeing.


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Staying at a resort with on-property nurses, like Sandals, is also a good idea and will give you peace of mind. In addition to having nurses on-site, an off-site doctor is on call as well and can be requested.

Four tips for going on your babymoon

1. Choose the right location for your babymoon

Deciding on the best place to take your honeymoon takes a little work, and a babymoon is no different. Destination matters when planning the ultimate babymoon. Unlike with a regular holiday, you probably won’t be interested in going off the property or doing anything too adventurous. A resort that offers tons of fun and relaxing activities within a short distance from your room is the ideal setting for a babymoon! There are all-inclusive resorts with a host of inclusions that expectant couples will love. The best part is, there’s no need to venture off the resort if you don’t want to.

2. Go the extra mile for your love

A memorable babymoon won’t happen by accident; you have to plan it that way! While you should consider a resort such as Sandals that offers loads of inclusions, don’t be afraid to invest in a personalised, special little bonus for your babymoon. Events like candlelit dinners at sunset on the beach, rejuvenating spa days, and a romantic breakfast in bed can all be arranged through the resort. It’s worth asking about some of these extras during the booking process. Think about how surprised your partner would be if you chose to show them how extraordinary you think they are!

Insider tip: If you or your partner have never had a spa day and you aren’t sure what to expect, don’t worry! Check out the couple's guide to massage etiquette and spa treatments for everything you need to know.

3. Make room for intimacy

Soon, you’ll welcome a spirited little one who will significantly change the dynamic of your family unit. It is important that you make time for intimacy while you can. Enjoy the simple moments with each other, without distractions, expectations, and obligations. Of course, you’ll still have each other post-baby, but by then, there will be someone else you’ll need to shower with love, attention, and time.

4. Make time to unwind after your babymoon

Travelling can be exhausting, particularly for an expectant mother. When you return from your totally awesome babymoon, it’ll be worthwhile to spend some quiet time in your own space. Doing so will allow you both to unwind, enjoy each other’s company, and shift back into gear as you continue prepping for your baby’s arrival.

The Bahamas and Grenada: Ideal babymoon getaways

We can’t say this enough: destination matters! The location of your babymoon will play a huge role in how the experience goes.

A helpful tip is to select a destination with resorts and services that focus on both romance and comfort. Think about it: it’s unlikely that you’ll spend your babymoon bar-hopping with your partner, so choose a location that will offer what you are both really craving - togetherness. Pamper yourselves while building a stronger bond, show appreciation for how far you’ve come together, and share your excitement for the road ahead.

Couples love the Caribbean for its palpable peace and passion, making it one of the best babymoon destinations.Island nations like Grenada and The Bahamas are perfect for babymoons thanks to their natural beauty, tropical climates, and relaxed ambience.

Another great feature is that they both have luxury all-inclusive resorts, allowing you the flexibility to do everything from lounging beachside to having a beachy maternity shoot without leaving the property!

Babymoon in The Bahamas

When it comes to babymoons, the islands of The Bahamas are among the best destinations. Just off the coast of Florida, this archipelago could very well be your paradise on Earth and set the tone for an unforgettable time together. UK travellers can easily get to The Bahamas from multiple cities, including London and Manchester.

Before you know it, you’ll touch down in The Bahamas and be blown away by the mesmerising blues of the ocean, the crisp white sand on the beaches, and the magical, tropical backdrop that these islands are known for. All that stunning beauty, plus the luxuries of a holiday package in The Bahamas, will be just what you need to sink into the kind of perfect relaxation that will be difficult to achieve after your baby arrives.

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The best time to go to The Bahamas

The best time to visit the islands of The Bahamas is Mid-December through Mid-April. Though there’s never really a bad time to visit these picturesque islands, there are usually more activities happening around Mid-December through Mid-April, and you’re more likely to have a rain-free getaway. As with many other islands in the Caribbean, The Bahamas tends to have pleasant weather year-round and water temperatures that range from 73-82°F. Overall, The Bahamas’ climate is perfect for sunbathing on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, snorkelling near the reef, or trying any of the suitable water sports available unlimited at Sandals all-inclusive resorts.

Babymoon in Grenada

Grenada is filled with opportunities for Caribbean adventures, making it a fantastic destination for just about any holiday. Babymooners will love this island because it offers a private, tropical experience that can be as quiet and relaxing or wild and crazy as you desire. Also known as the ‘Spice Isle’, Grenada has both black and white sand beaches complete with swaying palm trees, crystal clear seas, and other awesome natural elements.

You’ll find this a perfect setting for that maternity photoshoot you’ve been thinking about or any holiday photos in general. Grenada’s waters are also great for snorkelling as there are many shallow dive sites available, including the famous Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park. Grenada is a rather small island, but you’ll find lots to do like exploring waterfalls, visiting historical sites and museums, shopping at the crafts market, trying Grenadian cuisine, and taking a catamaran cruise at sunset.

Expert tip: Planning a visit to Grenada? Get familiar with these 19 popular food and drinks to try in Grenada and take a look at some of the things Grenada is known for.

The best time to go to Grenada

Your experience in Grenada can vary depending on when you decide to visit the island. The best time to visit Grenada is in the high season, which is Mid-December through Mid-April. During the high season, you can expect to find even more activities and cultural events than usual, more visitors, and a lower chance of rain. The rest of the year tends to be quieter in terms of tourist traffic. Generally, Grenada has a very sunny climate, so regardless of when you visit, chances are high that you’ll have an incredible time.

One thing’s for sure … there’s no better place for a babymoon than on the beach!

It’s clear that Grenada and The Bahamas are absolute winners as babymoon destinations and Sandals resorts offer everything you’ll need for a safe, comfortable, intimate, fun-filled getaway. Taking a babymoon with your partner will give you a chance to celebrate your love and envision your future together. You both deserve to relax ahead of what’s sure to be a very busy time. If you can just see yourself having a romantic couple’s massage, dining by candlelight under the stars, sunbathing on powder white sand, or drinking piña coladas by the pool, Sandals Grenada, Sandals Royal Bahamian, and Sandals Emerald Bay will be perfect for your babymoon.

You and your loved one, plus the exotic views of the Caribbean and the amazing benefits of staying at a luxury all-inclusive resort? That’s a recipe for a stellar babymoon with memories that will last a lifetime.

Expert tip: Pregnant women can still enjoy a relaxing massage after the first trimester. You can enjoy a Mother-2-Be prenatal massage at Red Lane Spa on any Sandals resort. Relieve those aches and pains and get the pampering you deserve!

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