5 Reasons to Visit Antigua

The Caribbean is a destination that shouldn't be left off of anyone’s travel bucket list. With spectacular white sand beaches, blue seas, beautiful scenery, and lots of things to do in the sun, the Caribbean is a must-visit destination.

If you're planning an all-inclusive holiday, two places you want to include on your travel list are the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

Anyone who perks up at the phrase “tropical paradise” should visit Antigua and explore its 365 beautiful beaches. That's one beach to explore for every day of the year.

Antigua provides holidaymakers with a simple escape, a destination that gently nudges visitors to swim, relax, and explore the great outdoors under the sun throughout the day. There’s no shortage of things to do and other attractions on the island of Antigua.

Here are top five reasons why you should consider a visit to Antigua:

1. It’s a tropical paradise

While the claim of a beach for every day of the year might not be the absolute truth, you can expect to find some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and around the world in Antigua.

If you want to spend time in the sun, you’ll certainly have plenty of options to choose from as far as beaches are concerned. Nearly all the beaches here are open to the public and it won’t be hard to find ten or more that are your favourites.

Whether you’re looking to try water sports, simply swim, or surf in the crystal clear waters of this tropical paradise, you can have it all. Don’t leave before you explore the beautiful turquoise waters of Antigua during your holiday. Looking to get married? A destination wedding in Antigua is second to none!

2. Antigua is home to incredible seafood

If you want to have a taste of snapper, grouper, wahoo, rock lobster, mackerel, and more, Antigua is the perfect Caribbean destination to visit.

You won’t miss regional classics such as conch and lobster on the menu here. The location of Antigua, surrounded by the water, means that visitors can always find incredibly fresh seafood on the island.

Antigua will offer you some of the most delicious seafood you’ve ever tasted. If you're eating authentic local cuisine, the seafood will often be served in a spicy, tasty mess of peppers, garlic, thyme, and onions. If you're a foodie or someone who just likes to try new flavours, this is another great reason to visit Antigua.

3. The weather alone is enough

Unlike most of the destinations in the tropics, this tropical island has relatively low humidity, which means you will find Antigua weather slightly more enjoyable than many other nearby destinations.

The fact that the island lies close to the equator means that it hardly experiences seasonal variations. With average temperatures in the low to mid-80s (Fahrenheit) year round, the island offers a great destination where you can relax on the beaches, sail around, and enjoy the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle whenever you visit.

With low average rainfall and relatively lower humidity levels, Antigua weather and climate is one of the most envied, and even admired, in the Caribbean.

4. You can sail around Antigua in a day

With a circumference of about 55 miles, and multiple natural anchorages along the way, Antigua is one of those places you can sail around in a day.

A great way to sail around the island would be taking boat tours so you can explore the spectacular landscape and other attractions here. Antigua is located towards the eastern part of the Caribbean and is a major sailing centre. In fact, if you're staying at Sandals Grand Antigua, there are plenty of opportunities for boat tours.

You might want to participate in Antigua's world-famous sailing week as well. In addition to sailing, Antigua has numerous sights to see and water sports you can enjoy, if you're willing to adventure a bit.

5. Explore Antigua’s historic preservation

Some of the best examples of historic preservation in the entire Caribbean region can be found in Antigua. If you’re a history-enthusiast, your trip will be incomplete if you leave before exploring the historical side of things in this tropical paradise.

Start with Nelson’s Dockyard, a historical site that will take you back to Antigua’s naval past. Other historic sites on the island include St. John’s Cathedral, Gunthorpes Sugar Factory, Montpelier Sugar Factory, Shirley Heights, Monk’s Hill, Fort James, Fort Barrington, and more.

Are you ready to visit Antigua?

If you’re looking for a year-round holiday destination in the Caribbean, Antigua should be one of your top choices.

As mentioned before, the Antigua weather is something to marvel at, the food is spectacular, the views are amazing, and the list goes on.

Visit this tropical island in the West Indies and have the best time ever. You know the reasons you need to visit Antigua, now you just have to decide what's holding you back.

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