The Best Places to Watch a Sunset in Jamaica

Even if you’ve never been to Jamaica, you’ve probably heard all about the peaceful blue water, warm temperatures, lush rainforests, and other alluring details. But the one thing that may impress you the most if you ever visit is the mesmerising tropical sunsets.

The vibrant mix of yellows, reds, and oranges is unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. The sunset in Jamaica is peaceful, invigorating, and romantic all at the same time. It draws you in in an almost magical way.

Sitting on the beach during a Jamaican sunset is the perfect way to end the day, and to begin a night. The memory will be ingrained in your mind forever.

To enjoy the best view of a Caribbean sunset, check any one of the following spots and prepare to be blown away by the tropical beauty.


In Jamaica, Negril is the top spot for seeing a sunset on a beach in the Caribbean.

Negril is situated on the western tip of the island, and you have to be sure that you are on the southeast side for the best view. To help you appreciate just how majestic the sunsets are in Negril, there are tours available to show you the way.

Witnesses of the sunset from Negril claim it has therapeutic effects that calm the mind, body, and soul. Apart from those aspects, it's just visually beautiful.

The most unique feature of the sunset from this spot is that it has an orange hue caused by salt particles floating in the air over the Caribbean Sea. The combination of the hues and the depth of the sunset only adds to its vibrancy.

St. Thomas

In the hills of St. Thomas, city lights do not affect the sky, which means no distractions as the sun begins to set. You're getting a completely undisturbed view of nature.

And, after the sun dips below the horizon, you can enjoy the second phenomenon in the form of millions of bright, twinkling stars set against a jet-black sky. The view is clear and wonderful and unlike anything you would see outside of the islands.

Treasure Beach

Many people agree that the sunset at Treasure Beach is just as gorgeous as it is in Negril. What makes it unique is that the sunset comes over the water from the further east points.

It's worth repeating that you're guaranteed to see a beautiful sunset anywhere in Jamaica, but some places have that something extra. Treasure Beach is one of those places.

Sunset Villa in Jamaica

Sandals designed and developed several properties in Jamaica while keeping the beautiful sunsets in mind.

In fact, some people who visit these all-inclusive resorts and hotels make it an annual tradition to come prepared to watch some of the world’s most gorgeous sunsets. Walking down to the beach from the Negril Sunset resort, you can lay out a blanket or set up chairs, bring a refreshing drink, and take a light jacket as you watch the day’s bright sun transform into a painting of vibrant colours.

Wherever you are

Jamaica is paradise, plain and simple. If you're there, you're going to see a breathtaking sunset no matter what. Find a secluded, comfortable space of your own and watch the sunset from there.

Sunsets in Jamaica shouldn't be missed.

For your upcoming trip to Jamaica, plan to watch the sunset at least once, and do it your first evening. You won't miss another one after that first time.

If you don't see the sunset, you're missing something spectacular. The easiest way to accomplish this is by staying in a sunset villa in Jamaica. That way, you have a clear view while enjoying luxury accommodations and amenities offered by the resort.

Although photos may not translate into sky’s true masterpiece, they at least give your family members and friends back home some idea of what you had the opportunity to see.

Even if the photos miss the magic or you can't find the words, you'll have the memories of these sunsets forever.

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