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With 700 islands, and thousands of beaches with pink and white sand, The Bahamas is one of the most interesting places in the world. It is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean that is situated northeast of Cuba and southeast of Florida. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, exotic resorts, friendly locals, spectacular coral reefs, and so much more.

Thinking about when you should head to the islands? The peak season for tourism starts from mid-December and ends in mid-April in The Bahamas, and that is often considered the best time to go, as there are more activities happening in the islands during this time. The weather also tends to be that much sunnier, and overall more conducive for your beach holiday during the peak season.

See our post Best Time To Visit The Islands Of The Bahamas for more information on the best time to go.

If you are planning a trip to The Bahamas, how prepared are you for your time there? Do you have any idea of the kind of things you’d like to do? If you don’t, have no fear. We’ve taken the liberty to sum up the top 50 things to do in The Bahamas!

50. Shop at the Nassau Straw Market


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Location: Nassau (New Providence)

There are lots of things to do in The Bahamas, and all it takes is a little research. Visiting straw markets is one of those Bahamas attractions that is often suggested by guides, as it gives you a chance to pick up souvenirs for friends or family. For decades, straw markets have been a significant part of the history of many islands in the Caribbean, such as The Bahamas. The locals use their talented hands to braid, plait, and weave straw into a variety of bags and souvenirs that they sell at an affordable price. Feel free to practice your bargaining stills at the Nassau Straw Market. The market opens daily from 8:00am and vendors accept cash only.

49. Embark on a historical tour of Exuma


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Location: Exuma

Exuma is a district of The Bahamas that is home to about 365 cays. A historical tour with an experienced tour guide will take you to the national landmarks and scenic locations such as Williams Town and Tropic of Cancer Beach. You will also get to enjoy fine dining at Santana’s, a restaurant that gained popularity during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean. This fun-filled tour is about 5 hours long.

Tip: Check out the Island Routes Exuma Historical Tour.

48. Go bone fishing


Photo credit: DUSAN ZIDAR/

Location: Andros and Abaco

Lovers of the sea will enjoy going bone fishing in Exuma, as it is surely one of the top things to do in The Bahamas. This is usually a half-day bone fishing excursion coordinated by captains who may teach you a fishing trick or two for catching and releasing the pearly grey “ghost of the flats”, also known as the bonefish. Some of the best sites for bone-fishing include Andros Island, Abaco, or Blair’s Lodge. You’ll need to have a guide with you for this excursion, and you’ll also need a government issued licence.

47. Visit the Forts of Nassau


Photo credit: tokar/

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

The Forts across Nassau stand tall as proof of their part in The Bahamas’ fight against invaders back in the 17the century. They stand as staunch reminders of pirates and the British rule of The Bahamas. Today, there are guided tours to take you through the forts and a brief recap of each - Fort Montagu, Fort Fincastle, and Fort Charlotte.

46. Shop at Port Lucaya Marketplace


Photo credit: Yevgen Belich/

Location: Freeport, Grand Bahama

There are many attractions in Grand Bahama - and Port Lucaya is at the top of the list. This 9.5-acre market is located next to the waterside, with a taxi service and casino nearby. The marketplace is full of live entertainment and over of 40 shops where an assortment of clothes, bags, and other products are sold. There is also duty-free shopping throughout, as well as straw and craft markets and four bars. Port Lucaya is an experience you must have!

45. Take a chance at one of the casinos


Photo credit: Eric Glenn/

Location: Paradise Island

The Paradise Island casino is an impressive structure that covers seven acres of lagoon, complete with sculptures and skylights. It is one of the biggest casinos in the Caribbean (60,000 square feet), and has more than 700 slot machines and more than 80 game tables. This casino is a dazzling addition to the nightlife scene in The Bahamas.

44. Visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum


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Location: Nassau (New Providence)

This museum is an entertaining and educational place where people of all ages can learn about the history of pirates in the Caribbean islands, including The Bahamas with its rich pirate history where scores of pirates are known to have settled in the 17th century. On board the private ship “Revenge” you can witness a recreation of the pirate era, with customised weapons, first-hand views of their living arrangements, and information on the battles they fought. The museum is open Monday to Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm, and from 9am-2pm on Sundays.

43. Visit the Flamingos (and other wildlife)


Photo credit: Alisa_ch/

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

The pink flamingo is a graceful bird that serves as the national bird of The Bahamas. The southern district of Great Inagua is their national park and their home, where more than 60,000 flamingos live. The birds can also be seen at the flamingo encounter in Ardastra Gardens, where the flamingo parade takes place; the birds strut along, and visitors can join in and take pictures.

42. Take a walk up the Queen’s Staircase


Photo credit: dnaveh/

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

The Queen’s Staircase was named after Queen Victoria, ruler of Britain from 1837-1901. Also called “66 steps”, you’ll find this staircase near Fort Fincastle in Nassau, where about 600 18th century slaves carved them as a pathway to Nassau. This would serve as a direct route to the fort, just in case the enemy launched an attack and cover was needed. Access to the Queen’s Staircase is free of charge.

41. Eat local at Arawak Cay


Photo credit: BlueOrange Studio/

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

Just a short walk from the western esplanade of Nassau, is the authentic Arawak Cay. As one of the top things to do in The Bahamas, this little snippet of paradise has an array of colourful restaurants and huts that offer a variety of local cuisine and seafood such as fried lobster and grilled shrimp. Be sure to try the fried conch - especially since conch is the national dish of The Bahamas. Kalik, the beer of The Bahamas, and Bahama Mamas are local beverages everyone can relish while enjoying the open stage performances and acts.

40. Visit The Bahamas Historical Society museum

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

This non-profit organisation is aimed at collecting data about the history of The Bahamas as well as conserving it and continuously inspiring interest in the culture of the islands. The historical site was founded in 1959 by Lady Arthur, the wife of former Governor General of The Bahamas, Sir Raynold Arthur. This museum is open from Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm.

39. Visit the Nassau Heritage Museum


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Location: Nassau (New Providence)

This Nassau Heritage Museum tour gives you a comprehensive understanding of the history of the island; from its early years until present day. As one of the top things to do in The Bahamas for visitors, it’ll teach you about how the islands have progressed through the years, and how the experiences of the past, like the islands’ pirating and buccaneering history, and the years of slavery, have shaped the modern day. You’ll have an expert guide with you, who’ll ensure that you leave more knowledgeable than you came.

38. Have a mini photo shoot at the Versailles Gardens of The Bahamas


Photo credit: Erkki & Hanna/

Location: Paradise Island

This garden is luscious, structured, and truly historic. It oversees the Nassau Harbour nearby, has multiple platforms/terraces, and has a rectangular structure about 75 feet in width. There are also monuments of great men in history, such as Napoleon, Hercules, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States.

37. Explore the Primeval Forest

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

Located on Carol Harbour Road, Nassau, this national park is a must see for nature lovers. For the most part, its 7.5 acres has remained undisturbed, which only adds to its authentic beauty. Its lush vegetation, wide variety of flora and fauna, and 50-foot-long caverns are sure to leave you in awe.

36. Have some cold beers at Pirate Republic Brewery

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

This craft brewery is the only one of its kind in The Bahamas and has earned a reputation for being one of the most outstanding breweries in the Caribbean region. At its convenient location in the capital (Nassau), Pirate Republic offers many different drafts such as the Gold & Haze of Piracy, Island Pirate Ale, and a chocolate malt called the Black Beer’d Stout. It also affords customers the opportunity to learn about pirate history in The Bahamas, to participate in beer sampling, and to indulge in Caribbean cuisine. This brewery opens for long hours; from 11am-11pm at night.

35. Go on a horseback riding tour

Location: Nassau (New Providence), Grand Bahama, Harbour Island

Horseback riding in the warm sun and cool breeze, along the white beaches of The Bahamas, must go on your list of things to do in The Bahamas while on your holiday. Mature riders are in for a good time but the inexperienced need not worry; you can always take a lazy stroll on a horse as it struts along the marvellous beaches. Visit the Happy Trails Stables in Windsor Equestrian Centre, Nassau or the Pinetree Stables in Grand Bahama where you can ride to the beach and get into the water with your horse. Don’t forget your camera!

34. Make personalised chocolates and roll cigars at Graycliff

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

The family owned Graycliff is an establishment with a rich history. The Graycliff’s chocolatier is where the dreams of chocoholics come true. At this location, you will learn how to make chocolate and be able to go home with some afterwards. Another part of the tour offered by the Graycliff is a cigar rolling affair, where you can learn to roll your own cigars!

33. Go Snuba diving

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

Snuba diving is a neat combination of snorkelling and scuba diving, and The Bahamas is one of the best places to try out Snuba diving for the first time, if you haven’t already. The good news is, unlike scuba diving, you won’t need to acquire any certifications before heading out on your undersea exploration. Snuba makes it possible to get the benefits of scuba, while not deviating too far from the world of snorkelling.

32. Sign up for a wine making tour


Photo credit: Christy Pardini/

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

The winery located in what was once the oldest church in The Bahamas is generally unexpected when considering things to do in The Bahamas. This exquisite winery affords visitors a unique experience- the opportunity to make their very own glass of wine at The Bahamas Barrels - one of the largest collections of wine on earth. It is here you can learn all about the wine making process, indulge in some wine tasting and eventually make a sample of your own for the road! This winery is open every day of the year from 9am-5pm, apart from Christmas Day.

31. Kayak on the pristine waters of The Bahamas


Photo credit: Justin Kaewnopparat/

Location: Nassau (New Providence)

Cable Beach stretches just a few miles from the capital of Nassau, and is one of the nicest places to Kayak along while in The Bahamas. It is highly rated as one of the best beaches in The Bahamas and is revered for its cool, calm, and translucent waters that make it perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. It is also adorned with a large casino, exotic resorts, and a range of activities for nighttime. And watersports such as kayaking are offered to locals and visitors alike.

30. Submerge in a submarine

Location: Nassau, New Providence

This submarine adventure is a thrilling and exciting one - the watercraft is much like a bike that you manoeuvre underwater. You will have plenty of oxygen supply and will be given head gear, but your lower body will get wet. This innovative experience allows you to see all the tropical fish and coral reefs in the waters of The Bahamas, while directed by a tour guide that’s focused on your comfort and enjoyment.

29. Visit the National Art Gallery


Photo credit: Robert Szymanski/

Location: Nassau, New Providence

You’ll find the non-profit National Art Gallery of The Bahamas ** in the Villa Doyle mansion on West Hill Street**, and it’s one of the quieter, more intimate things to do in The Bahamas. Its mandate is much like other international art galleries; to gather and preserve art and to also show its appreciation of it through exhibits and displays. The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas also seeks to educate Bahamians and the general public about the cultural art forms, and ought to be visited by anyone with a deep appreciation for these historical pieces.

28. Stop by the Garden of the Groves


Photo credit: Mags951/

Location: Freeport, Grand Bahama

Garden of Groves is the perfect hideaway, and the ideal place to help you unwind and get some down time. The radiant foundations, gushing waterfalls, and opulent greenery take you to a place of peace and serenity. Within the garden is a quaint chapel that can be used for weddings or quiet prayer and self-introspection. The child-friendly playground and the delicious meals served at the Garden café & Bar make it a wholesome experience.

27. Sample exclusive rum at the John Watlings Distillery


Photo credit: Alisa_Ch/

Location: Nassau, New Providence

The expansive Buena Vista Estate is home to John Watling’s Distillery - named after a pirate known as the “Spirit of The Bahamas”. The distillery offers “Buena Vista,” vodka, and gin which are produced on site, as well as homemade rum that you can sample during the guided tour. Entry is free at John Watlings Distillery, which is located a short walk from the Queen’s Staircase and the cruise terminal.

26. Get ready for a powerboat adventure

Location: Exuma / Nassau

Powerboat adventures is an amazing thing to do in The Bahamas, and make it possible for guests to visit multiple islands in one day. Visitors get to enjoy a scenic boat ride, participate in tours on the various islands, sightsee, snorkel, and more. Most tours include lunch and drinks, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on. This jam-packed day is sure to help you tick a few items off your Bahamian bucket-list!

25. Spend the day at Aquaventure Waterpark


Photo credit: Vlad G/

Location: Paradise Island

The Aquaventure Water Park is the ideal place for families of any size and preference, or even grown-ups looking to live life unobstructed. The variety of spiralling slides, pools, and other fun activities make this adventure irresistible! Be sure to try the “Leap of Faith” and “Abyss” slides. There are also adult-only pools complete with bars for a mid-afternoon drink.

24. Swim with the dolphins

Location: Blue Lagoon Island

The picturesque Blue Lagoon Island is located just offshore from Nassau and offers a Dolphin Encounters program that is hugely popular with visitors to The Bahamas. Following a short ride on a ferry, visitors get first-hand experience with the friendly bottlenose dolphins, that love to dance in and out of the water for pure entertainment. Visitors also get to play with, hug, and kiss the adorable creatures and take their memories home with them with fun pictures! Don’t be fooled if you go on an overcast day, the Dolphin Encounters will take place in rain or sunshine and under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

23. Spend half a day at Blue Lagoon Island


Photo credit: Victor Mascheck/

Location: Blue Lagoon Island (day trip from Nassau)

Blue Lagoon Island, which is formally known as “Salt Cay,” is situated only three miles from Nassau. Its many attractions include encounters with friendly sea lions and dolphins. Blue Lagoon Island is secluded with clear waters, friendly animals, and a serene habitat. The island has been voted as one of the “top attractions in The Bahamas”.

22. Delve into the underwater caves at Lucayan National Park


Photo credit: Karuna Eberl/

Location: Grand Bahama

The Lucayan National Park is one of the three major parks in The Bahamas, characterised by its 40 acres of forests, mangroves, beaches, and best of all - its underwater caves. Though visitors are not allowed to swim into the caves without special permission, there is a chance to peek at the wildlife that call them home. These caves are known as one of the largest subaquatic cave systems, two of which are accessible to the general public. Visitors looking for educational things to do in The Bahamas can also learn about the ecosystem of the park and can obtain a permit for diving.

21. Get up close with sharks at Compass Cay

Location: Exuma/Nassau

Compass Cay can be found halfway through the Exuma chain of islands, where some of the most graceful landscapes in the world exist. The sharks at Compass Cay are known as nurse sharks and are bottom feeders, that have been said to resemble catfish. Swimming with them is left to the wisdom of the visitor, who should generally exercise caution while in the water with the 7 to 14-foot-long marine animals. It is certain to be a once in a lifetime, thrilling experience. After all, it’s not every day you can take a selfie with a shark!

20. See the world of rum cakes in a factory setting


Photo credit: Eric Glenn/

Location: Nassau, New Providence

Rum cakes are the heart of the Caribbean, especially during the holidays. Taste and experience the whole process of making rum cakes with a visit to The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory in Nassau. Here you’ll learn about the “original” rum cake recipe of The Bahamas, which was inspired by George Bates, who is originally from the United Kingdom. As people learnt about, and fell in love with his cakes, it became something of a tradition in The Bahamas. While guides on this tour probably won’t divulge the secret recipe for Bates’ rum cakes, you sure will be able to go home with a dessert or two!

19. Swim in Dean's blue hole


Photo credit: Lora B/

Location: Long Island

Dean’s Blue Hole is a massive sinkhole found near Clarence Town in Long Island, The Bahamas. It is 663 feet deep and is on record as being the second deepest sinkhole in the world, with the first being the Dragon Hole, South of the China Sea, which is more than 900 feet deep. The yearly Vertical Blue Free Diving Competition is held here, encouraging free divers to compete with others to determine who can dive the furthest into the hole.

18. Learn about the Lucayan people at Clifton Heritage Park


Photo credit: photravel_ru/

Location: Nassau, New Providence

Established in 2009, this national park serves as a means of preserving the rich history of the Bahamian people. The Africans, Lucayans, and loyalists were the three major groups of people who played a significant role in the development of The Bahamas and the park seeks to protect and preserve their ancestry and cultural heritage. Within the park you’ll find beaches, water sports, fishing opportunities, sprawling nature trails, sand dunes, and the fragments and infrastructure from plantations where slaves and ancestors once laboured.

17. Enjoy the beauty of Stocking Island


Photo credit: Thomas Kloc/

Location: Stocking Island, Exuma

Stocking Island is one of the lesser known islands of The Bahamas, which means that when you go on a stocking island sea escape, and you’ll pretty much have an exotic Caribbean island all to yourself! The only way to get here is by boat, and once you arrive, you’ll enjoy amazing cliffside ocean views, incredible snorkelling, private beaches, and overall a relaxed and enjoyable time.

16. Sip cocktails on Junkanoo Beach

Location: Nassau, New Providence

Junkanoo Beach is quite popular among locals during their breaks from school and other holidays, but tourists can also get in on the fun. Cruise ship passengers frequent Junkanoo beach because it is a brief distance from the Nassau harbour. The horse buggy rides, benches on the beach, and the sight of ships approaching, create a chill, relaxing vibe, which visitors to Junkanoo Beach enjoy. There are a few bars at this location that are open for your indulgence. Sip a cold drink to keep cool!

Tip: While on Junkanoo Beach try a Bahama Mama from the Tiki Bikini Hut!

15. Golf in paradise at Exuma's Greg Norman Championship course

Location: Exuma

It’ll be a little difficult to keep your eye on the ball when you’re on the Champion Norman Greg course, which attracts top players from around the world. Sandals shows off its luxurious style at this course, one of the more beautiful and challenging things to do in The Bahamas. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, or if you’ve been golfing for years, you’ll find your element at this 18-hold championship course. It may be worthwhile to sign up for an hour-long session which starts at around £65.

Insider tip: Guests at Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma and have exclusive access to the Greg Norman golf course!

14. Feed the iguanas

Location: Exuma

Bitter Guana Cay in the Exumas is home to scores of iguanas which contribute to the population of more than a thousand animals on the island. These harmless reptiles roam the island while enjoying the warm sun and the attention of the visitors who frequent their habitat. The 2 to 4-foot-long animals are indigenous to Bitter Guana Cay, where, coincidentally, part of the film, “Jurassic Park III: The Lost World” was filmed. Bitter Guana Cay can be accessed via a tour such as the Swimming with Pigs Tour that is exclusive to the Exumas.

13. Go deep sea fishing


Photo credit: Jason Richeux/

Location: Nassau

Deep sea fishing is one of the more popular things to do in The Bahamas, and if you are a seasoned fisherman, there are several tournaments held throughout the year across the various islands, which attract deep-sea fishing aficionados from around the world. Try a half day tour on a 48-foot boat, which will also allow you to take in the views of the coastlines of the various islands you’ll pass along the way. Most tours include bait and tackle. Permits and licences are usually handled by tour companies.

12. Dive with sharks


Photo credit: Michael Bogner/

Location: New Providence (Nassau), (Freeport) Grand Bahama

This shark dive involves two tanks, the first of which places you in a face to face encounter with one of the most formidable creatures known to man. You are not allowed to feed them during this time but are encouraged to enjoy your dive as they swim freely around you. For the second dive, you will be kneeling in an arch while the dive master feeds them carefully using a long pole spear.

11. Go on a snorkelling adventure

Location: All islands

Snorkelling is a cool and exciting way to swim out into the ocean next to the vivid coral reefs. This is one of the top things to do in The Bahamas where you’ll see tropical fish up close, such as angel and butterflyfish. Snorkelling in Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is also very accessible for those not visiting the out-islands. Coral reefs are fascinating; aside from the fact that many marine animals live within them, these dainty creatures protect the coastline from erosion and other natural disasters. Snorkelling allows you to see those amazing, living organisms firsthand!

10. Take in some lighthouse views


Photo credit: Sinn P. Photography/

Picture: Elbow Reef Abaco Lighthouse in Hope Town.

Location: Abaco / Inagua / San Salvador

There are several lighthouses waiting to be explored in The Bahamas, some dating as far back as the year 1817. The Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town, Abaco is only remaining hand turned kerosene-burning beacon, which means you can’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world. The best thing about the lighthouse is that once you climb the 101 steps, you’ll have a panoramic view of Hope Town and Elbow Cay. During your search for Lighthouses in The Bahamas, be sure to ask about the Dixon Hill and Inagua Lighthouses.

9. Visit the famous Thunderball Grotto


Photo credit: Danita Delmont/

Location: Exuma

The allure of Thunderball Grotto, near New Providence island, is that is has been featured in two James Bond movies, ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Never Say Never Again’. Thunderball Grotto is located west of Staniel Cay in the Exumas and was used as the location for the famous underwater fight scene in Thunderball. As a result of the movie’s fame, and that of its actors, this site has become one of the top things to do in The Bahamas for scuba divers and snorkelers.

8. Visit the glass window bridge in Eleuthera


Photo credit: BlueOrange Studio/

Location: Eleuthera

The Glass Window Bridge is truly a remarkable aspect of nature. Here the darker blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the Bight of Eleuthera in a cool shade of blue. This indeed results in a beautiful contrast, which many people from The Bahamas make a point of witnessing while on island. The stone arch which connected two narrow strips of land in this area no longer exists, but the effect remains. Visitors should exercise caution when visiting this area, due to the rough waves splashing onto the bridge.

7. Enjoy a private island getaway on Sandy Toes


Photo credit: Liz Miller/

Location: Rose Island (day trip from Nassau)

Sandy Toes is a private part of Rose Island that you can access after travelling about 25 minutes by boat from Nassau. Guests are offered many different experiences including full day excursions which include a boat ride, beach access, buffet lunch, and a snorkelling tour. Groups and private events are also welcomed and accommodated accordingly.

6. Swim with the famous pigs of Exuma

Location: Big Major Cay, Exuma

You’ve probably heard about the swimming pigs of The Bahamas. What you may not have known is that the tour isn’t just an opportunity to swim with the wild pigs of Big Major Cay; it is a great way of experiencing all the Exumas have to offer. You can do this by way of the guided tour. The tour not only takes you to Big Major Cay, but to more than 70 other cays, including Iguana Island. The pigs of Big Major Cay can be seen frolicking in the water or snorting away happily on the sand, basking in the attention of the visitors nearby. Visiting the pigs in the early morning is ideal, before they have stuffed themselves full and begun to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

5. Visit Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Location: Eleuthera

The Leon Levy Foundation and The Bahamas National Trust joined hands to form the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera. This Preserve protects the indigenous plant species while providing education about their importance. As another one of the educational things to do in The Bahamas, residents and visitors can roam the nature trails, which are filled with orchids, mangroves, woodland coppice, and wetlands. There is also a medicinal plant trail where visitors can learn about the remedial benefits of various species.

4. Explore the underwater world with Scuba

Location: All islands

Explore life underwater in The Bahamas by embarking on an exciting scuba diving tour. This unique experience allows you to move about easily in the water with the help of a breathing apparatus. You can roam the waters with the marine life and get a close look at the wonderful coral reefs that can be found down below.

Stay at any Sandals Royal Bahamian or Sandals Emerald Bay and scuba dive for free if you already certified.

3. Snorkel with the stingrays

Location: Cat Island / Blue Lagoon Island (day trip from Nassau)

This stingray sea adventure is located at Blue Lagoon. Friendly stingrays are the centre of attention, and snorkelling is a must if you want to have the full experience of this wonderful park. Before you even get into the water though, certified trainers will teach you about the nature and history of the stingrays, which will help you feel more at ease!

2. Go on a culinary adventure in Nassau


Photo credit: MevZup/

Location: Nassau, New Providence

This food tasting tour will take you through the capital with your tour guide, where you and a small group of ten other visitors will stop at four specific locations. The tour includes a stop at the Pirate Republic Brewing Company where you can sample rum, cocktails, and alcohol-infused goodies. As part of this tour, you will also get to visit a chocolatier and indulge in sweet treats, then learn historical lessons and the tales of pirates. The tour ends at John Watling’s Distillery with a demonstration of exactly how rum is produced.

Insider tip: Staying in Nassau? Sandals Royal Bahamian one of the top choices for adult-only accommodation in The Bahamas. Your stay includes unlimited gourmet food and drinks!

1. Relax at any one of the beautiful beaches

Location: All islands

The Bahamas is filled with some of the top beaches in the Caribbean; most with pure white sand, and even a few with the gorgeous and rare pink sand. Whether you are checking out the beaches in Nassau, Exuma, Abaco, Eleuthera, or Harbour Island, you can find the most breathtaking beaches in The Bahamas. All uniquely beautiful in their own rights, waiting for you to let all of your stress melt away. While exploring the top things to do in The Bahamas, know that its beaches are some of the most beautiful sights you will find, on which you can truly find yourself in paradise.

Ready to have an amazing time?

This extensive listing pretty much sums up some of the most interesting things to do in The Bahamas. This beautiful Caribbean country is made up of 700 islands, with thousands of beaches and other points of interest to explore. Here’s to hoping you’ll stay on the island long enough to explore them all!

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