Luxury Vegetarian All-Inclusive Meal Options at Sandals Resorts

In the World's Leading All-Inclusive resorts, everyone should feel welcome. At Sandals Resorts, we cater to dietary requirements with the utmost detail, ensuring everyone receives 5-Star Global Gourmet™ for every meal. And with as many as 21 unique culinary concepts to choose from, you’ll enjoy a level of variety, quality and creativity that’s simply unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean. Each restaurant is proudly run by world-class chefs who are as authentic as the cuisine they serve.

We understand that guests who have dietary requirements may be wary to travel to an all-inclusive resort, so we have outlined all the steps we take for vegetarian travellers looking to stay in a Luxury Included® Sandals Resort in the Caribbean.

Are Sandals Resorts vegetarian and vegan friendly?

As soon as you arrive at a resort, you'll be invited to join the team at our Culinary Concierge Desk, who will be ready to assist with any special dietary requirements. This includes food allergies, vegetarianism or veganism. We believe each meal should be a special moment, and the team will arrange a menu designed for your needs for the duration of your stay.

From providing non-dairy milk kinds for morning hot drinks to tailoring cocktails that exclude non-vegan ingredients, all vegetarians and vegans will feel at home in our resorts

Do Sandals Resorts have good vegetarian options?

Meat-free shouldn’t be a detriment to the amount of flavour in the dish! Our chefs only use the best ingredients and innovative food combinations, which makes every Sandals Resorts dining experience a unique culinary adventure.

Choose an à la carte breakfast or a buffest option for hot food such as hash browns and pancakes, or opt for fresh island fruits, crumbly pastries and more. Lunch could be anything from crispy salads, soups, and vegetarian burgers or pizza. Our islands provide seasonal vegetables in abundance, along with local spices and seasonings. We encourage guests to try something new for every evening meal (it's all-inclusive, after all) and if you’re not a fan, order more!

What are some of the best vegetarian dishes in Sandals Resorts?

When we say luxury all-inclusive – we mean it! There are no limits on the dishes your order, so we suggested trying as much as you can. Along with vegan specialities like juicy Watermelon Steaks and creamy Green Pea Emulsion starters, every menu in our resort includes a variety of vegetarian 5-Star Global Gourmet™ options.

5 must-try vegetarian dishes in Sandals Resorts
(1) Fresh Greek Salad – Barefoot by the Sea (Multi locations)

(2) Savoury Artichoke and Spinach-filled Crêpes  - Bayside Restaurant (Multi locations)

(3) Verdure all’Alfredo Pasta – Giuseppe’s (Multi locations)

(4) Grilled Vegetable Pinwheel Melt – Tapas on the Riviera (Sandals Ochi)

(5) Cheesy Quattro Formaggi Pizza - Dino's Pizzeria (Multi locations)

We would love to hear about your previous experience of 5-Star Global Gourmet™ in our resorts. Comment below to share your reviews.

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