Romantic, Thrilling & Exhilarating … These Are The 15 Best Waterfalls In Jamaica

Without a doubt, Jamaica has some of the best waterfalls in the Caribbean. No matter where you choose to stay while on this island, chances are you’ll be near one of its incredible waterfalls. Some of the most frequently talked about waterfalls in Jamaica are Dunn’s River Falls, YS Falls, and Mayfield Falls. Though these waterfalls are truly amazing, there are several others you can explore while visiting the island.

As you explore this island and make your way to the best waterfalls, you’ll be struck by their serenity and natural beauty straight away. In addition to the mesmerising, cascading falls, some waterfalls in Jamaica have their own natural pools and plenty of room to cliff dive or swing from a rope into clear, blue water. At YS Falls, it’s even possible to have a zipline adventure, allowing you to take in amazing views (hopefully with the best company)!

If you're still deciding which waterfalls to visit for a fun day trip in Jamaica, we’re here to help. We’ve taken some time to list the 14 most beautiful waterfalls on this island. Read on before you dive in!

Expert tip: Ahead of your trip to Jamaica, it is important to figure out where you want to stay. Ocho Rios resorts are a great option that’ll perfectly position you to check out some of the best waterfalls on this island.

1. The Blue Hole in Ocho Rios


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The Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, Jamaica features a 20ft waterfall that flows into a clear, blue natural pool. So striking is this attraction that it is widely considered a “must-see” on this island. At the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, you’ll love the rope swing, the hiking trails, and opportunities to go cliff jumping.

An entrance fee of around £20 per adult (starting price) is all you’ll need to access the Blue Hole. If you will be visiting this location with a tour, you probably won't need to worry about paying an entrance fee because it’s likely already covered with your tour package. Even with that said, you can book a more extensive tour on-site with a travel guide for around £60 or £100, which includes a visit to nearby attractions.

Good to know: Water shoes are necessary at The Blue Hole. If you don't have your own, you will be able to purchase a pair when you get there.

2. Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios

Dunn’s River Falls is one of the few travertine waterfalls in the world. This waterfall frequently makes the list of best things to do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. If you consider the attractions at this waterfall park including a spectacular waterfall (180 ft high and 600 ft wide) that you can climb, multiple natural pools, rope swings, a beach, and more, then it's pretty easy to see why so many people love Dunn’s River Falls.

One of the things that makes Dunn’s River Falls stand out is the range of activities you can get into while there. That list includes wet hikes (through the falls) and dry hikes (to the top of the falls and in the general area). It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the top of the falls. This is well worth it as there are lots of natural pools and lagoons to relax and cool off in along the way. It costs around £20 per adult and around £14 per child to access Dunn’s River Falls.

Good to know: Keep in mind that only the wet climb takes you to the summit at Dunn’s River Falls. It is also illegal to do the climb without a tour guide.

3. Reach Falls near Port Antonio


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It will take about one and a half hours to get from Ocho Rios to Reach Falls in the Montane Forest on the John Crow Mountain Range. This is one of the more popular waterfalls in Jamaica and it can be found inside an ecological sanctuary roughly 45 minutes east of Portland. The waterfalls at this location are about 25 ft high and they’re quite a sight to see against the backdrop of the most vibrant greenery. There's a picnic area and large natural pools to swim in (including a heart-shaped one) at the base of the falls and pretty much all you’d expect in a charming, natural waterfall location.

Couples who enjoy being out in nature will love the small caves beneath the waterfalls at Reach Falls. One of the caves is big enough to actually get into. The powerful flow of the water here helped in the creation of these caves, which adds something unique and special to the whole experience. It’ll cost around £8 per adult and £4 per child to visit Reach Falls.

Good to know: At Reach Falls, expect to see lots of exotic birds, including colourful parrots, between the trees. The flora and fauna here are pretty unique too. Wild pigs are sometimes spotted in this area as well!

4. Mayfield Falls in Negril


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Mayfield Falls is on the western end of Jamaica in Westmoreland. This is one of those waterfalls where you can spend a breezy afternoon doing nothing at all or exploring all the attractions in the area, including the “Washing Machine”, a natural pool that is at the base of the tallest waterfall at Mayfield Falls. The jacuzzi-like effect of this natural pool has made it a favourite for visitors and you’ll need to experience it for yourself to see why.

Aside from the natural pools, the underwater caves at Mayfield Falls are quite appealing. There’s one cave that's about 5ft long that you’ll be able to swim through if you’re brave enough. It’ll cost around £16 to get into Mayfield Falls. If you go there with a tour, your entry fee would have likely already been included. Locker rentals are available for about £5 to store your belongings while you enjoy this waterfall. Mayfield Falls is best explored with a travel guide who can take you to the natural pools and hot springs.

5. YS Falls in St. Elizabeth

The natural beauty of YS Falls has a lot to do with its popularity, as does the fact that there is more than one waterfall at this location. YS Falls is located in St. Elizabeth on the south coast of Jamaica. Here, you can expect to find a series of seven waterfalls and natural pools along the Black River. The majority of the natural pools at this location are just a few feet deep, but there are a couple of them that are a bit deeper. Some of the deeper pools have rope swings that may be hard to resist.

Other than the waterfalls and natural pools, one of the things that make YS Falls stand out is the possibility of having a zipline adventure. There’s a zipline course here that will allow you to get an aerial view of the falls from about 40 feet above. Canopy tours are also available from the top of the falls to the base. If you only want to enjoy the waterfalls while you’re at YS Falls, you’ll just need to pay £16 per adult and about £10 per child for the entry fee.

Expert tip: YS Falls is near Mayfield Falls. If you’re staying at a Beaches Resort, you can simply head over to the tour desk to book a combo excursion that will allow you to visit both of these locations in one day!

6. Turtle River Falls in Ocho Rios

Turtle River Falls is on the outskirts of Ocho Rios. It was once known as the Enchanted Garden. This waterfall is located within a 15-acre rainforest. Attractions within this space include 14 waterfalls, tropical gardens, a koi pond, and a bird sanctuary. If you want to get to the waterfall here, it’s best to get a tour guide who will help you find your way around. A tour guide can also help you get better acquainted with the exotic birds here including African macaws and parrots.

After spending some time exploring this scenic location, you can save the best for last and dip into one (or all!) of the natural pools. It costs about £16 per person to get into Turtle River Falls. The price includes access to the various amenities. Other attractions worth visiting near Turtle River Falls include Dolphin Cove and Dunn’s River Falls.

7. Somerset Falls in Portland


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Somerset Falls is in Hope Bay near Port Antonio in Portland Parish. This is a peaceful waterfall that you can get to fairly easily with no long hike necessary. Once you get to the general area, you’ll just need to follow a short path to get to the waterfall. You can spend some time enjoying the scenery here with someone special, and then cool off in the natural swimming pool beneath the falls.

One of the main attractions at Somerset Falls is the ‘wet tour’. This tour puts you right out in the water as close as possible to this waterfall as you’re likely to get. As part of this tour, you’ll also be able to take in impressive views of the cave-like grottos. After you’ve taken in all that Somerset Falls has to offer you can hop on a gondola ride that’ll take you to nearby waterfalls including Hidden Falls.

Good to know: It costs £8 per person to get into Somerset Falls. The entrance fee includes the boat ride to the main falls and access to the other amenities that makes this one of the more affordable waterfall excursions in Jamaica.

8. Konoko Falls in Ocho Rios


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Konoko Falls is a versatile space where you’ll be able to enjoy much more than just an amazing waterfall. About five minutes from central Ocho Rios, this waterfall was previously known as Coyaba River Garden. The word ‘coyaba’ is an Arawakan word that means heaven - quite fitting since the waterfall is set within a botanical garden.

Konoko Falls is smaller in size but comparable in beauty to the likes of Dunn’s River Falls. In addition to the charming waterfall and natural pool at this location, there's also a mini zoo, a bird aviary, and a museum where you can learn about Jamaican history including information on early settlers like the Taino Indians. To get into Konoko Falls and have access to the amenities you’ll need to pay £16 GBP per adult and £8 GBP per child.

9. Reggae Falls near St. Thomas Parish


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If you’re looking for a good day trip in Jamaica, give Reggae Falls a try. This waterfall is located on the outskirts of Kingston in Hillside, St. Thomas Parish. Tucked away in the mountains, it is also known as Dam Falls — the name was changed in 1998 when the Reggae Boyz national football team qualified for the World Cup.

Reggae Falls is about 70 ft high. The river in this area is relatively shallow but there are some decent-sized natural pools that you can get into if you want to cool off. As this waterfall is a bit off the beaten path, you're unlikely to find it crowded. If you plan on going to Reggae Falls in Jamaica, pack as much food and water as you’ll need for the day as there aren’t any shops or restaurants nearby. It’ll cost £8 GBP per person to access this waterfall. This fee is for entrance only and does not include tour guides.

10. Kwame Falls in St. Mary’s Parish


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Similar to Reggae Falls, Kwame Falls is a lesser-known local spot where you can enjoy the thrill of being at a waterfall without the crowd. This hidden waterfall is located in the rural district of Robin’s Bay in St. Mary’s Parish. It is named after a local hero — a warrior from colonial times who was part of a successful rebellion against slavery in Jamaica.

Kwame Falls is one of those waterfalls in Jamaica that is best suited to those who don’t mind a hike. The hike to this waterfall is about 1.5 hours. Don’t be deterred though - the walk is quite scenic and can build anticipation for the main event. You’ll hear the roar of the falls from about 5 minutes away. As you approach the 100 ft waterfall, you’ll feel compelled to dive into the cool and clear waters of the natural pool. It costs about £4 GBP per adult to get into Kwame Falls. There’s safe parking on the property as well that you can access once you pay the entrance fee.

Good to know: You can book a guided hike to Kwame Falls from River Lodge or Strawberry Fields Together. Also, there aren’t any food spots near this waterfall, so bring enough food and drinks for the day.

11. Cane River Falls in Bull Bay

Beat the heat with a visit to Cane River Falls while in Jamaica. This waterfall is just outside Kingston (about a 15-minute drive) near Bull Bay. Cane River Falls is more popular with locals and for this reason, you’re unlikely to find a lot of tourist traffic here. This waterfall has a reputation for being a favourite of reggae icon Bob Marley. He’s said to have frequented these falls often to wash his dreadlocks. There are also a few hand-painted murals of Bob Marley that you can check out while visiting this location.

If a peaceful ambiance is what you're looking for, Cane River Falls can be ideal. It is quite convenient to visit this waterfall as it is one of the least expensive waterfall locations in Jamaica with an entrance fee of around £4 per person. The entrance fee just includes access to the site. To get to Cane River Falls, you’ll need to either have a rental car or book a local taxi.

12. Tacky Falls in St. Mary’s Parish

For a unique experience, a visit to Tacky Falls in Saint Mary’s Parish is a good idea. At nearly 200 ft, Tacky Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Jamaica. This is a multi-tiered waterfall, and it was named after a legendary warrior named Tacky who is said to have led the most successful slave rebellion in Jamaica. This history is what has led to Kwame Falls being considered a “sister” attraction to Tacky Falls. Kwame was a warrior who fought in 1760 alongside Tacky.

Aside from its rich history, one of the things you’ll love at Tacky Falls are the swimming locations. If you hire a local guide, you can easily make your way to some of the best places to swim at Tacky Falls. Active couples will love the opportunities to hike (lots of walking necessary to get here) and explore at this location — just be sure to wear decent shoes. Also, pack enough food and drinks for the day as this location is relatively remote.

Good to know: As Tacky Falls is quite tall, it is not possible to climb or cliff jump here. There is no entry fee for Tacky Falls but you may want to pay for a tour guide to make the most of this experience.

13. Scatter Falls in Rio Grande


Photo credit: Malachi Jacobs/

Scatter Falls is just outside of Port Antonio in the Rio Grande Valley. There are four cascading waterfalls and a rock pool at this location that adventurous couples will love. Scatter Falls is a little more out of the way than some of the more popular waterfalls in Jamaica, so finding it will truly feel like discovering a much sought-after natural gem.

Scatter Falls is scenic and mostly visited by locals. If you want to visit this waterfall, it is best to plan a tour rather than try to find your way there on your own. The journey to get to Scatter Falls includes a jungle hike (wear proper shoes) during which you’ll tread past limestone caves and spot lots of unique wildlife. Some tours to Scatter Falls even involve bamboo rafting! When you get to Scatter Falls you can climb up and around the falls in order to see the breathtaking view from the top.

Good to know: There is no entry fee to get into Scatter Falls but you’ll need a tour guide, particularly for getting across the Rio Grande to get there. If you plan on making your way to this waterfall outside of a tour, make sure to go with someone who is familiar with the falls. Bring enough food and water for the day.

14. Little Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios

Little Dunn’s River Falls, much like the more popular Dunn’s River Falls, is located in Ocho Rios. There is no entry fee to visit this waterfall, which is amazing as it has quite a lot to offer. Though beautiful, Little Dunn’s River Falls is not as widely known or visited as Dunn’s River Falls. Even still, it certainly can make for some great exploration while in Jamaica.

To get to Little Dunn’s River Falls, you’ll need to follow the “One Love Trail” (sturdy footwear is a must!). When you get to the waterfall, you can jump off the cliffs into the natural pools, swim, and relax on the beaches. This is a truly serene environment and, similar to Dunn’s River Falls, you can climb up the falls as well. You’ll need to be careful if you decide to try this as the rocks can be quite slippery - best not to attempt without a guide!

Good to know: If you plan on spending a couple of hours or the day at Little Dunn’s River Falls, pack lots of food and drinks. There’s no entry fee to get to this waterfall, but there are also not many shops nearby.

15. Roselle Falls in St. Thomas

Once upon a time, Roselle Falls ran dry, but no longer. The waters have again begun to flow, much to the appreciation of all who love simple attractions of this nature. Right by the roadside, Roselle Falls is one of those waterfalls in Jamaica where you won't have to worry about paying an entry fee. It is close to Morant Bay in St. Thomas, Jamaica. No long hikes are necessary, and you can pretty much just arrive at this location and get right into enjoying the ambiance.

Roselle Falls is best if you're looking for a waterfall where you can simply relax, or have a picnic next to the falls. It’s also ideal for a quick stop and a spontaneous natural shower by the roadside! For a day of rope swinging or cliff jumping, there are many more suitable options in Jamaica. If you plan on going to Roselle Falls, you might want to check out the beach in this area as well.

Best ways to travel to Jamaica’s waterfall destinations


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While in Jamaica, it won’t be hard to make your way to the best waterfalls. While there are many options, many travellers opt for tours arranged through their resorts. This is worth considering as booking a tour with a resort means you’ll have some time once you arrive at your destination to get a feel of the place and decide what’s best for you. Some waterfall tour options, like the Dunn’s River Falls Experience and YS Falls Experience, include transportation directly from your resort.

Aside from booking a tour, it will also be possible to get to some of the island's waterfalls using a rental car. This option works best if you’re comfortable with driving in a foreign country and are confident you’ll be able to navigate easily to the destination you have in mind. A car rental in Jamaica typically costs about £230 per week or about £33 per day. Most waterfall parks have parking somewhere in the vicinity. If you’re not sure, give them a call ahead of time.

The last option is a taxi cab, which you can book through your resort. The price you’ll pay for a taxi in Jamaica will depend on your destination. A private taxi can cost anywhere from £48-65 or more each way. The best option to get to a Jamaica waterfall will depend on which part of Jamaica you’ll be holidaying in and which waterfalls you want to see.

Good to know: When planning your waterfall excursion in Jamaica, keep in mind that with combo tours you may be able to visit more than one waterfall.

Where to stay on your next visit to Jamaica

Picture: Sandals Ochi in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is nestled between the lush mountains and pristine coastline just a short drive away from Dunn's River Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in Jamaica.

If you want a holiday where you won't have to think of much else but how to get there, Jamaica's all-inclusive resorts are a good option. From these resorts, you’ll be able to make your way to some of the best attractions in Jamaica including beaches and waterfalls. Depending on which resort you choose, you can enjoy the best quality inclusions, multiple restaurants, around-the-clock entertainment, and lots of other activities. There are tons of things to do in Jamaica as well, and some of the best all-inclusive resorts will put you right at the heart of the action.

For a trip that includes spending lots of time soaking in the ambiance of Montego Bay, then certainly look in the direction of all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay. For a laid-back getaway, Negril all-inclusive resorts may be ideal. Sandals Negril is loved by couples who are seeking romance, passion, and a little quiet time. This resort also has some amazing accommodation options including villas with private pools like the Millionaire Honeymoon Butler Suite with Private Pool Sanctuary.

Any of Sandals’ six resorts in Jamaica including Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Negril, Sandals Ochi, Sandals South Coast, and Sandals Royal Plantation can be perfect for a couples trip that includes relaxing in or around a beautiful waterfall!

Good to know: Sandal’s Dunn’s River is also a great place to stay if you want to be near the most popular waterfalls on the island. This new resort opens May 24, 2023!

Experience the best waterfalls in Jamaica

Visiting a Jamaican waterfall can be one of the most incredible adventures! At many of Jamaica’s waterfalls, and even en route to these waterfalls, the lush greenery will be one of the first things that draw you in. You can visit waterfalls like Kwame Falls that require a hike, or options like Somerset Falls that do not. Either way, when you arrive at the falls, you’ll probably want to jump right in!

Before free falling into a natural pool with the coolest, clearest water, you’ll need to decide where to stay in Jamaica. We’ve listed some options above, and you might also want to look into adult-only resorts in Ocho Rios or family resorts in Jamaica if you’ll be travelling with a mixed group. Whichever you choose, it won’t be hard to find the best waterfalls in Jamaica during your stay.

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