Dickenson Bay, Antigua: A Beach Lover's Paradise

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Antigua’s slogan, which professes that the island has 365 beaches, (one for every day of the year) is one of the most inviting taglines of all the islands. Who wouldn’t love a sunny Caribbean island, with so many beaches that you can afford to go to a different one every day during your holiday, and still have many more waiting to be explored? That is the perfect recipe for a return holiday, but before you get to that, let’s discuss the best beach - Dickenson Bay, Antigua.


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One of the most popular beaches in Antigua, Dickenson Bay has earned the love of the many tourists and locals that visit its shores every day. The beach can be found in the northwest of the island, in St John’s Parish. It is perfect for beach lovers who want to visit a beach that meets their high expectations, that isn’t too crowded to actually enjoy the experience. Dickenson Bay is considered one of the most stunning in Antigua, and that is much due to its clean and pristine shores and the fact that you can experience a range of activities, including water sport excursions.

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Soak up some Antiguan sun!
The best time to go to Dickenson Bay
How to get there

Amenities and ambiance
What’s nearby
Things to do

Soak up some Antiguan sun!

Visualise sipping a Daiquiri, or a Virgin Pina Colada while lounging on a beach chair, shaded by a rainbow-coloured umbrella, watching the waves brush against the shoreline. Just as you lift your glass to take another sip, a little way out into the ocean you spot a family of dolphins playfully making their presence known, dipping in and out of the turquoise waters. Later, you decide to go for a swim, and there you are surrounded by colourful fishes, all curious about your presence, and all welcoming you to their marine world. Such is life at Dickinson Bay, where you can connect with nature, or just enjoy a simple beach experience that you will surely want to write home about.

What’s the best time to go to Dickenson Bay?

Dickenson Bay Antigua is amazing, but to enjoy it to the fullest, you’re going to need to know when to go. The best time to visit Antigua in general is between mid-December to mid-April annually. These months make up the peak season, which can mean higher prices in terms of accommodation. That is a relatively small price to pay considering the perks that come with travelling during peak season, including being on the island during a time when there are likely to be more activities happening, and also visiting at a time when the weather is near perfect.


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How to get there

Dickenson Bay is one of the easier beaches to get to in Antigua. Make your way to Anchorage Road, and you’ll find the beach in no time. Once you get to the area, use the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort as your guide, which is adjacent to the beach. If you don’t know where the Sandals resort is in Antigua, ask any local, particularly taxi drivers, most of whom will offer reasonable prices to get there.


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Amenities and ambiance

Scenic views, a beautiful beach and convenience add to the appeal of Dickenson Bay. You can either pack light, or pack everything you need for your beach day when planning to visit this location. If you decide only to bring a swimsuit, a towel, and some money, you’ll still be in good hands as there are plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby where you can grab lunch or snacks. You can choose to dine at one of a handful of restaurants in the area, or order and take your meal to go. If you opt for takeout, you’ll be able to grab your food and quickly settle in on a beach towel or sun lounger, hopefully before the beach gets too crowded. You’ll have amazing views from these shores, as there are a few small uninhabited islands nearby, and a coral reef which is perfect for undersea explorations. There’s a concession stand for added convenience, as well as restroom facilities. Generally, Dickenson Bay Antigua is great for all ages, with its calm waters and laid-back atmosphere.

Tip: Dickenson Bay is a great snorkelling and scuba diving location. Bring some gear along for a day of underwater exploring! PADI certified guests of Sandals Grande Antigua dive for free during their stay.

What’s nearby


Grand Bay Casino – Try your luck at the Grand Bay casino, where you’ll find the typical casino tables and slot machines in an upscale venue. You can fit this in before or after your beach day for some added fun.

Sandals Grande Antigua – Stay at Sandals Grande Antigua for the duration of your holiday or spend the day there and take advantage of some of the amenities the hotel has to offer.

Cities and towns


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Picture: The Redcliff Quay strip in the town of St. John's in Antigua.

If you’re planning on visiting the beach in Dickenson Bay Antigua you might as well visit the Dickenson Bay area. It is a rural area located a few hundred yards from the coast. Get to know the people from this community and their culture and expand your day at the beach into a wider exploration of Antigua in general. This is a great way to get off the beaten track and enjoy an authentic Antiguan experience.


The perfect beach day depends on knowing where to go to get something to eat when you get hungry. There are plenty of options when it comes to dining in the Dickenson Bay area, and one of these is the Beach Restaurant and Bar. You can walk there from the beach, and the restaurant offers full meals and snacks as well as cocktails and other cold drinks that are super refreshing after a scorching day on the beach.

You can also check out Sandals Grande Antigua which has 11 themed restaurants to choose from. If you aren’t staying at the resort, you can get a day pass which grants you access to hotel amenities.

Where to stay

Accommodation is important when deciding on a Caribbean beach holiday – it can literally make or break your stay. Many people book holidays months, or even years in advance, just to ensure that their top choice of accommodation will be available. An ever-increasing number of people are now opting for hassle free options, like all-inclusive properties, which makes it possible for guests to pay for their entire holiday in advance. Sandals Grande Antigua is a popular all-inclusive resort located in the Dickenson Bay area. It is a perfect choice for a beach holiday, and if you’re planning on spending some time on the beach at Dickenson Bay, you’ll have good reason to stay at Sandals, as you’ll have dibs on the best spots on this beach.

Things to do…

Dickenson Bay checklist!

Not sure what you’ll get up to once you arrive at Dickenson Bay? Try one or two of the activities listed below for unforgettable Caribbean beach holiday memories!

  1. Get in some jet ski action
  2. Go on a snorkelling adventure
  3. Rent out a beach lounger and get your bronze on
  4. Scope the souvenirs offered by beach vendors
  5. Enjoy a leisurely swim
  6. Try the floating beach bar
  7. Take in one of the most amazing sunsets of your life!

Tip: Don’t forget to walk with your sunscreen. Apply liberally!

All beaches are not created equal…

But Dickenson Bay Antigua has quite a unique advantage. It is above and beyond some of the other beaches you’ll find on the island for its convenient location and relaxed vibe. The beach itself is amazingly beautiful, and you probably won’t be able to stop taking photos once you get there. It’s just as well; it's your dream Caribbean holiday, so snap away!

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