A Holiday Packing List For Your Sandals Getaway

You’ve booked your holiday, you’ve counted down the days, you’ve told your friends and family and now the day you jet off to the Caribbean sunshine is almost here, but what do you pack? With plenty of your luxury amenities coming included, packing will be an easy task, but here is a holiday suitcase checklist to ensure you don't forget any of your beach holiday essentials.


Light clothing – the Caribbean is known for its warm temperatures, sunny days, and occasional high levels of humidity so make sure you pack accordingly. Light, flowy clothes that protect your skin from the sun but won’t leave you feeling hot are your best bet.

Formal wear – Your holiday is a time to relax but it can be nice to get dressed up on occasion too. A few of our restaurants encourage a more formal dress code so be prepared by having a smarter option packed for this occasion. Think jeans/trousers with a short or long-sleeved shirt for men and dress shoes or sandals.

Swimwear – Whether taking a dip in one of the many swimming pools or lounging around on the beach, make sure you bring some swimwear so you can dive on in.

Beachwear – Whether nipping back to your room or to the bar, it’s always handy to have some kind of cover up to throw on quickly over your swimsuit when you need to.

Sunglasses - Protect your eyes and look cool while doing so, make sure you remember to pack your sunglasses.

Mosquito repellent – While we regularly spray our resorts to keep them as mosquito free as possible, it’s a good idea to have some repellent with you to prevent any bites.

Sun cream – A must for your holiday packing list. You’re going to be spending a lot of the time in the sun, so make sure to bring some sun cream or else you might end up looking redder than the lobsters we serve up for dinner!

Sandals – Not one you're likely to forget but make sure to pack your sandals, so you can step barefoot onto the sand as quickly as possible.

Comfortable shoes/trainers – If you’re planning on heading on one of our Island Routes excursions be sure to pack some shoes you feel comfortable walking in as some tours require you to walk a little or get involved in other physical activities.

A good book or two – For those days spent lounging by the pool or on the beach, a book to get engrossed in is always a good idea.

Our Sandals App – Whether on your smartphone or tablet, make sure you bring a device with our Sandals app installed so you can have access to lots of useful information such as restaurant menus and resort events, as well as communicate with the resort team.

Camera – Whether on your phone or a camera, make sure you bring something along to capture all your holiday memories, of course don’t forget to share them with us after by uploading them on social media with the tag #SandalsMoment.

Chargers – There are few things more frustrating than packing your electronic devices but forgetting your chargers, so make sure to pack these, and to be on the safe side make sure to bring US plug adaptors too.

Toiletries – While you’ll find luxury Red Lane® Spa amenities in your room, including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, if there are any other toiletries you’d like to bring along make sure to fit these in your suitcase.

Face Coverings – At present, face coverings are required to be worn both on your journey to resort and in public spaces such as the lobby area once you've arrived, so we would encourage you to make sure you've packed enough face coverings for your trip. While hand sanitiser will be readily available around the resort, you may also like to bring your own to carry round with you too. For more information on how we're keeping our guests safe during the pandemic, read about our Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness.

Passport – An obvious one that you most certainly do no want to forget, after packing your bag we recommend double-checking that you've packed your passports to avoid a panicked rummaging around in your bag once you reach the airport!

Follow these holiday packing tips and getting ready for your holiday will be a breeze. We'd also recommend bringing a copy of your packing list, so you won't leave anything in your room when packing to come home. Of course if you forget anything, just visit the resort shop where you’ll be able to pick up many of these things!

For more information or to book your next Sandals holiday, browse our website or call 08000 22 30 30.

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