The Inventors of the Swim-Up Bar Toast to 40 Years With Fresh New Cocktails and Poolside Service

As the inventors of the swim-up pool bar, Sandals Resorts knows a thing or two about cocktails and how to throw a good party. So, in celebration of its 40th anniversary this year, Sandals Resorts is going to be mixing up some pretty sweet surprises and tunes for guests to enjoy resort-wide – but can you guess where the first (of many) surprises will make its debut? If you guessed the swim-up pool bar, then cheers to you, drinks are on us!

Beginning this month, Sandals is bringing back some of its O.G. cocktails but with a modern twist and introducing some brand-new drinks guests can enjoy from a remastered Swim-Up Pool Bar Menu.

And what’s better than swimming up to get your drinks?

Having poolside food service, too! In addition to a new Swim-Up Pool Bar Menu, all resorts will also be debuting a new Caribbean-inspired Poolside Snack and Cocktail Menu, boasting six unique curated cocktails, so you can stay in the pool for longer. Plus, Sandals guests will be swinging into 1981 with special weekly poolside celebrations with live DJs spinning 80s inspired music to commemorate 40 years of fun.

But those aren’t the only ways Sandals is saying ‘cheers’ to 40. Also debuting across all resorts will be the Hand-Crafted Cocktail Experience, so guests can enjoy cocktails that are curated to their highest form – always unique, and never over-played.

What Are You Waiting For? Swim Up to Sandals’ New Swim-Up Pool Bar Menu Now!

The new swim-up pool bar menu features five legendary classics with a twist plus another five crafted cocktails to choose from in a side-by-side menu presentation that invites guests to sip between the classic tastes of 1981 and the modern creations of 2021— all without a time machine.

We asked Sandals Resorts International’s Group Manager of Food & Beverage, Ricky DuQuesnay, about the inspiration behind Sandals’ new menu and he said: “Our guests asked, and we listened! We’re bringing our guests’ favourites back to center stage while crafting the future of cocktails, one (fresh) ingredient at a time.”

Here’s a peek at what’s on the menu:

The DB, a Sandals fan-favourite, is keeping its place at the top of the menu! Guests can indulge in a blend of dark rum, Crème de Cocoa, banana, milk, and simple syrup, with each concoction designed for playful enjoyment that, like many 80’s classics, is just too good to grow out of.

Next up: the Caribbean Blue! With its intoxicating bright turquoise colour mimicking the sea, work mode will officially shut off and the Sandals state of mind will kick in.

Unlike its predecessor, we can’t bring it back if it never left! That’s why we’re adding a twist on everyone’s favourite frozen drink – the Strawberry Daiquiri. This guilty pleasure will feature an island kick with Kingston 62 Gold and a splash of fresh lime juice mixed with strawberries and simple syrup.

The Jamaican Smile will have guests grinning from ear to ear after sipping on this combination of two classic island cocktails in one with a refreshing mix of a Strawberry Daiquiri and a Piña Colada.

To top it off, Sandals is also bringing back its deceivingly blithe Sea Breeze, featuring vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice.

"Our guests have returned for the same classic cocktails vacation after vacation," says Troy King, Group Manager of Bar & Beverage Operations at Sandals Resorts. "Fast-forward to today, we studied what those classics were and presented them with a modern twist."

Once you’ve tried all the remastered classics, it’s time to be transported into the future with a selection of curated cocktails replete with modern dazzle and delight.

From the fiery Buffalo Soldier (pictured above) to the iconic Lovers Leap and Strawberry Vodka Spritzer - these newly curated poolside concoctions will be enjoyed for another 40 years to come.

While at the pool, Sandals guests can also sip on the beautifully crafted Caribbean Mule (if you thought Moscow Mules were great, just wait until you try the Caribbean Mule!).

This modern-day handcrafted favourite with a Sandals twist will feature Kingston 62 Gold, pineapple puree, lime juice, simple syrup, ginger beer and refreshing mint leaves.

Each of these cocktails will be exclusive to the swim-up pool bar, so get ready to swim up and sip away!

Locally Sourced Ingredients + Seasonal Herbs = The Recipe for Sandals’ Newest Hand-Crafted Cocktail Experience

While the O.G classic cocktails honour Sandals' past, the new Hand-Crafted Cocktail Experience debuting this November is a taste-forward glimpse into Sandals Resorts' future. With cocktails made from locally-sourced, farm fresh, and seasonal herbs, you’ll want to try them all!

"Handcrafted is an opportunity to be creative," says Ricardo Henry, a long time bartender at Sandals Ochi. "It's a fantastic way to celebrate what Sandals Resorts is all about."

In addition to the handcrafted cocktails available to guests on the new swim-up bar menu, select bars will offer an extensive menu with eight exclusive, handcrafted cocktails, such as the Hemingway, Southern Lager, and the Irish Rain. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the other handcrafted cocktails making their debut:

Caribbean Sparkle: Served in a champagne flute, this gold rum spritzer takes the bubbles of the Caribbean Sea and sprinkles them along your taste buds ever so sweetly. Carried along by the indulgent flavours of fresh lime, cranberry, and ginger beer and finished off with a splash of sparkling wine, this new cocktail is crafted to perfection.

Pimm’s Royale: This cocktail is made fresh with a locally-sourced lemon. The fruity flavours of Pimm’s Gin are paired with the crisp taste of hand-picked juniper berries and botanicals discovered in Gordon’s gin, creating a refreshment fit for pure royalty.

NY Sour: The zesty taste of the NY Sour is complemented with the dry finish of Canadian Club and a splash of simple syrup with locally sourced lime. Topped off with the sweet taste of Robert Mondovi’s Twin Oaks Shiraz, this cocktail is the perfect sunset accompaniment.

Keep the Party Going Longer With Sandals’ New Poolside Snack and Cocktail Menu

Calling all food-lovers and snack-ers! With Sandals’ new poolside snack and cocktail menu, stepping away from the poolside is a thing of the past. The new menu will allow guests to eat, try exclusive cocktails, order bottles of wine, and enjoy being pampered without ever leaving the pool. Lounging underneath the gorgeous Caribbean sky just got even easier.

Delectable delights like smoked marlin escoveitch, artisan coco bread & porketta, and island chips will be featured on the menu along with even more specialty cocktails to try, like this refreshing handcrafted Ginger Lemonade Lager.

So the next time you’re in paradise at one of the 16 all-inclusive Sandals Resorts, make sure to grab a classic cocktail from the O.G menu or one of the new handcrafted cocktails and ‘cheers’ to another 40 years of good times. Besides, the (drinks) and laughs are always endless at Sandals Resorts.

Cheers to 40!

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