Things St Vincent Is Known For & Why You Should Visit This Island Paradise

St Vincent and the Grenadines is known for more than just its stunning natural beauty. It’s also renowned for its many cultural attractions, unique black sand beaches, luxury all-inclusive resorts, and beautiful islands. This destination comprises 32 small islands and cays, including Saint Vincent, which is the largest.


St Vincent can best be described as a postcard-perfect and authentic island. This island has strong influences from West Africa, Europe, and other Caribbean nations like Jamaica. Vibrant and ideal for any type of holiday, this territory known as the “jewels of the Caribbean” has a lot to offer. Notably, at one point, St Vincent and the Grenadines was called “Hairouna” by early settlers, the Carib people. That name translates to “Land of the Blessed”.

From the amazing opportunities to go diving to the delicious island cuisine, there are plenty of reasons to holiday in St Vincent and the Grenadines, which is more simply referred to as St Vincent. Within this article, we've listed some of the amazing things this destination is known for that you can look forward to enjoying during your break.

Expert tip: Saint Vincent is the ideal getaway destination for couples, families, groups of friends, and pretty much anyone in search of all-inclusive holidays.

Amazing things St Vincent is known for

Scuba diving & snorkelling

Scuba diving and snorkelling are fantastic reasons to visit the Caribbean. Saint Vincent is one of the best locations to do both of these activities due to the vibrant coral reefs that can be found in the waters around this island. Some of the most popular spots to dive in St Vincent and the Grenadines include Anchor Reef and Critter Corner. While diving in St Vincent, you might find manta rays, squid, frogfish and sometimes reef sharks.


Sightings when snorkelling at Anchor Reef (off the coast of Kingstown) include a rare black coral garden and plenty of sea life including sea horses and octopuses on occasion. While diving at Critter Corner, you’re likely to come across a wide variety of tropical fishes. There’s quite a lot of seagrass and boulders in this area as well — these are home to much of the marine life in this area. Critter Corner is located to the south of Kingstown, off Indian Bay Beach.

Good to know: Saint Vincent is known as the “Critter Capital of The Caribbean”. This means you can expect lots of marine sightings while diving here. If you plan on going snorkelling or scuba diving in St Vincent, don’t worry too much about packing your own gear, as you can rent it on the island.

Volcanic landscapes

St Vincent is one of many islands in the Caribbean that are volcanic in nature. In St Vincent, the striking volcanic landscapes will certainly be something to be appreciated, particularly if you're a nature buff. One of the sights you must see is La Soufrière, St Vincent’s highest peak (1,234 meters above sea level). It’s possible to take a guided hike to the crater of the La Soufrière volcano. This can be a thrilling experience to have on this island, and it includes hiking along the Leeward Trail. This hike can take six to eight hours (round trip). Another option is taking the Windward Trail. This is considered the easier option, and it is somewhat more popular. It takes about three to four hours (round trip) to get to the crater via the Windward Trail.

The hike to the volcanic crater of La Soufrière is one of the more adventurous and exciting things to do in St Vincent. With a guided hike, which is highly recommended, you can learn about the plant and animal life in this area and also see the rainforest, cloud forest, and captivating countryside views. Once you get to the crater, you can explore before descending to the bottom of the mountain.

Island hopping

Island hopping — two words you definitely want to hear during a Caribbean holiday. In St Vincent, this is totally possible as this territory consists of 32 different islands and cays. Nine of these are inhabited, including the mainland Saint Vincent. The second-largest island of the Grenadines is Bequia. It takes about one hour by ferry to get to Bequia from Saint Vincent and 30 minutes on the fast ferry.

Sailing and yachting enthusiasts flock to Bequia. Many sailboats and yachts can usually be seen along the coastline of this island and many other Grenadine islands. Port Elizabeth, the harbour town, is an excellent place to visit while in Bequia.


The numerous coves and sandy beaches you can explore around the Grenadines are reason enough to hop on a boat to explore. Plenty of stops can be made along the way, including sand bars in the middle of the ocean. Ferry rides are available on a regular basis. Many of the locals have their own small boats to get between the islands. As ferry rides are quite affordable, you might be able to visit several of the nearby islands while in St Vincent. Some of the most popular islands of the Grenadines include Bequia, Mustique, and Canouan. The Tobago Cays in the southern Grenadines, comprising five small islands and coral reefs, are a superb archipelago to visit and dive. Private boat charters are available in Saint Vincent and some of the other islands — these can make it easier to explore the Grenadines at your own pace.

Fantastic year-round weather

The Caribbean is known for its incredible weather, and St Vincent and the Grenadines is one of those places where you can soak it all in. This island has a hot, tropical climate year-round, with fairly consistent hours of sunshine each month. Temperatures can reach highs of around 30 degrees on average. There are a few notable variances in the weather across the Grenadines, with the islands in the south being a bit more dry and warm as compared to those in the north.

Black sand beaches


Volcanic by nature, Saint Vincent is one of the islands in the eastern Caribbean that boast distinctive black sand beaches. While the Caribbean beaches are renowned, the obsidian grains beneath your feet on Saint Vincent's shores offer an unmatched aesthetic and ambience**. On a calm, black sand beach in Saint Vincent, you could nearly fool yourself into thinking you're an island adventurer making your first discovery of this place. Since Saint Vincent is the only island in the Grenadines with black sand, you can experience both white and black sand beaches while visiting.

Expert tip: When planning a romantic getaway, consider booking well in advance, especially if you have your heart set on a warm winter getaway. The Caribbean offers a fantastic opportunity to bask in warmth during the colder holiday season while indulging in quality beach time with your loved one.

Whale watching

A trip to the Caribbean might be incomplete without some whale watching. In St Vincent, you can sign up for a boat trip to head out on the waters for this incredible adventure. St Vincent is known for having stunning marine life off the coast, so you might see whales and other remarkable sea life during this experience. There are said to be at least seven species of whales and 11 species of dolphins in this area, so the odds just might be in your favour.


You won’t run out of opportunities to try amazing food in St Vincent. The most popular dishes on this island include ingredients like fresh seafood, spices, cassava and more which leave quite a lot of room for creating memorable island delicacies. Some of the most popular local dishes on this island include:

  • Breadfruit and jackfish - Breadfruit goes well with almost anything, which is possibly why it is part of St Vincent’s distinctive breadfruit and jackfish national dish. Roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish are included in this dish. This dish can be seen on lunch menus with a sauce made of onions, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, and other vegetables and herbs.
  • Breadfruit Meringue Pie - If you like breadfruit, you’ll love Breadfruit Meringue Pie. Shredded breadfruit, coconut milk, raisins, and currents are used to make this dish. The pie is topped with an egg meringue.
  • Madongo dumpling - This traditional dish is made from native arrowroot, nutmeg and coconut. In St Vincent, this is a delicacy mainly as this country is the only place that cultivates arrowroot.
  • Buljol - This salad includes shredded cod or salt fish, pepper, tomatoes, oil, and onions. There are several ways to prepare buljol, and it can be eaten cold. You’ll most commonly find this dish being served at breakfast time.
  • Callaloo Soup - Callaloo is similar in flavour to spinach. It’s common practice to use coconut milk to prepare this healthy appetiser. Vegetables, including garlic, onions, peppers, several kinds of meats (optional), and dasheen leaves round out the recipe. Sometimes cassava, yams, and potatoes are included.


Exotic flora and fauna

Saint Vincent is one of the world's most beautiful green islands. For starters, the St Vincent Botanical Gardens is one of the best places to be surrounded by brilliant floral colours. The gardens cover around 20 acres and are home to indigenous and tropical plants and trees. Hibiscus, cinnamon, nutmeg, mahogany, palms and even a breadfruit tree are among the fauna found here. The latter is said to have grown on the island from a seedling brought by Captain Bligh. The St Vincent Botanical Gardens also has an aviary where you may see the native St Vincent parrot and other bird species.


Good to know: If you want a tour of the St Vincent Botanical Gardens, you can hire a guide for a small fee. Usually, you can find guides at the entrance of the property. Taking a guided tour is worthwhile as you'll be able to see some of the things you might otherwise have missed.

History and culture

St Vincent and the Grenadines has a rich history that includes influences from many parts of the globe. Some of the island’s cultural influences come from places like West Africa and Europe. On these islands, there are quite a few historical sites you can explore to get familiar with their roots. Many of these are located in Kingston, Saint Vincent, the capital of St Vincent and the Grenadines. You’ll be able to see the quaint colonial mansions that date back centuries. There are also several towering Gothic church spires.


Many of the islands of the Grenadines are packed with history. On Bequia, for example, you can visit places like the Firefly Plantation where you can have a firsthand experience of crushing sugar cane to make juice. At this plantation, you can also sample the various fruits and vegetables based on what’s in season and learn about the different trees in the area. Plus, if you take a guided tour, you’ll discover the uses of various local herbs and flowers.

Saint Vincent fun facts

The island is named after an actual saint named Vincent

Saint Vincent is named after a Spanish saint, "Saint Vincent" Saragossa, who is thought to have arrived on the island in 1498. As history tells it, the island of Saint Vincent was named after him by Columbus as an act of tribute. The name “Grenadines”, on the other hand, actually means “pomegranates” — but, in the case of St Vincent, it refers to the small islands that are sprinkled throughout the region.

St Vincent Botanical Gardens is the oldest botanical garden in the Western Hemisphere


The St Vincent Botanical Gardens is an ideal stop for nature enthusiasts. It's no wonder this place is popular — it holds the title of being the oldest botanical garden in the Western Hemisphere. The St Vincent Botanical Gardens dates back to 1765 and has been on a mission to conserve rare plant life ever since.

Famous pirates have been spotted there

The Caribbean has quite a fascinating pirate history. Notably, Saint Vincent is one of the places that is known to have had pirate pop-ups in the past. Added to that, parts of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed on this island. The franchise's first three instalments are said to have been recorded here.

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Things Saint Vincent is known for: The complete list

The more you know about a destination before you go, the more you can broaden your expectations and be more open to new experiences once you get there. St Vincent and the Grenadines is famous for so many things that you will almost certainly be able to add to this list during your stay there.


As you complete the planning process for your trip, one of the last things might be making a booking for a hotel or resort. Or, perhaps this is the first thing on your list as you want to ensure you can stay at one of the best Saint Vincent resorts. You need not look any further than Sandals Resorts if you are searching for a resort specialising in accommodating families. Your trip to this tropical island will be nothing short of spectacular thanks to the fresh new property and the same high-quality inclusions for which this resort is recognised.

So, all that's left to say is, have a memorable getaway!

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