5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day From Home

Valentine’s Day is looking very different in 2021. Meals out and weekends away are currently on pause, as we currently look for ways to entertain ourselves at home. Whilst being stuck in your own home might have sounded cosy and romantic in the beginning, even the most romantic person can reach their limits. But love is still in the air at Sandals Resorts and we are sharing a slice of it with you.

We’ve asked one of our experts in love, Marsha-Ann Donaldson Brown, to help us curate a list of activities for you and your partner to find some inspiration from. As Director of Romance & Weddings at Sandals Resorts, she knows a thing or two about finding that warm and fuzzy feeling!

Valentine’s Day traditionally takes place on February 14th, and this year it falls on a Sunday. Are you still to make plans for the weekend? Here are some of our top tips for spicing up your weekend at home with your loved one.

Make it your day – without the distractions!
“One of our main goals, when it comes to romance, is to eliminate any distractions for our guests when they arrive on resort. The more they can focus on each other, the more they can enjoy the feeling of love and togetherness,” says Marsha-Ann. You’ve turned to our phones a lot during lockdown, make sure you take a break to enjoy each other’s company.

Get the right atmosphere!
“Atmosphere is crucial! A lot of our work goes into the details of setup, decoration and creating the right mood for the right occasion,” explains Marsha-Ann. This means lighting some candles, choosing a romantic playlist, and tidying up a bit. Transforming your space will take you out of your daily routine and let you see your room in a different light. In our resorts, our personal Butlers are trained in creating a warm and inviting environment for couples to enjoy.

Treat your partner… and yourself
You deserve it! A lot has happened in the last few months, use Valentine’s Day to celebrate everything you’ve faced and conquered together this year. Indulge in a local takeaway service to save on the washing up for a welcomed change or run a bubble bath for two. Desserts are always a hit too! Opting for a cocktail or movie night could transport you somewhere else for a few hours of indoor dating.

Dress up for the occasion
Although most of us barely change out of our loungewear thanks to lockdown, special occasions like Valentine’s Day could be a great excuse to get dressed up, put makeup on and do your hair. And this year, you can get quite creative or even add a theme, adds Marsha-Ann: “The advantage of spending the day locked at home is that you are really just dressing for yourself and your partner – not to impress someone else. So, it’s the perfect occasion to be courageous or creative, and just go with what works best for just the two of you.”

Send them something special
Away from your loved one this year? If you’re over Zoom calls and quizzes, we suggest looking at letter box gifts. These presents are ideal for surprising people with flowers or a little sweet treat. Handwritten notes and cards also hold lovely sentiment. A little can go a long way!

When the time is right, we can’t wait to welcome you back to the Caribbean’s most romantic all-inclusive resorts. Sandals Resorts designed for couples in love after all!

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