Beaches Resorts Review: My experience of the World's Leading Family All-Inclusive Resorts

Sophie Hamilton, our wonderful guest speaker this week, has been a Beaches Resorts fan for 15 years. She has kindly shared her Caribbean holiday memories with us, where she fondly looks back on days spent on pristine beaches and making lifelong friends in our Kids Camps.

Beaches Resorts will forever hold a special place in my heart. For the past 15 years, I have been extremely privileged to have grown up with the resort. Few people get to experience it in their childhood, through their teens, to early adulthood as I have, and I could honestly say that I have made some of the best memories of my life there.

Originally, my family tried Beaches due to my parents’ love for the luxurious Sandals Resorts. Having holidayed at various of these adults only all-inclusives several times, they were inspired to finally explore Beaches…a decision they never regretted.

Sophie and family in Beaches Resorts

Fifteen years later, including two trips to Negril and nine to Turks and Caicos, and Beaches has become our second home. We know it inside out and my parents affirm Beaches Turks and Caicos is their favourite out of all the Sandals properties.

It is its beach, Grace Bay, which is arguably its defining feature. This beautiful 12-mile long bay simply cannot be matched – it’s the reason Grace Bay has been named the number one beach in the world year after year. The ocean is crystal clear, the sand is milky white and you will never struggle to find sun loungers available. Its stunning coral reef also boasts some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities in the world. This is one reason why Beaches Turks and Caicos is so special.

Sophie's photograph tip to Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos.

Whilst Beaches Resorts are family-oriented, they still provide you with the peaceful bliss that Sandals Resorts offers. With countless adults-only zones, such as quiet pools in the Key West village, restaurants including Sapodillas and private bars like the vodka bar on the pier - you can escape from youngsters altogether. Beaches caters to whatever kind of experience you want! The size of the resorts, particularly Turks and Caicos, also make it impossible to feel overwhelmed by kids.

As children, my brother and I loved going to the kid’s clubs and doing activities with the Sesame Street characters. These happy memories mean we still get excited and feel nostalgic when seeing the colourful creatures - We've never stayed in a resort that has put so much consideration into the younger generation.

Sophie and her brother Jack with Cordero, Supervisor in the Entertainment Department at Beaches Turks and Caicos.

It was also at Beaches that I felt I truly earned my independence for the first time. I was so excited to be given the freedom to go off with friends to the waterpark, Xbox lounge or Club Liquid nightclubs without adult supervision. Child safety is paramount at the resorts, so our parents never had to worry about where we were or what we were doing.

However, as I have got older, something that I have appreciated the most is the potential to make friends from all over the world. The open resort style and mass of activities taking place encourages you to mix with other guests, so even if you start as a small group, by the end of the holiday you could easily feel like a huge squad!

Sophie and friends in Beaches Turks & Caicos 

In the past few years, I have met so many people my age (most commonly from the United States) who have since become lifelong friends. Being on a tropical island, in a world-leading resort, in a big international group is such a unique experience which so few people can relate to. The adventures we go on include night swims and group trips to Kimonos (the hibachi restaurant) and I am still in touch with over 100 people that I have met over the years, many of these also being regular visitors. There are two families in particular who we have become close with - to the point of co-ordinating future trips together. It is only on holiday at Beaches that I have experienced meeting people in this way.

My experience has changed with me and I especially love that there really is something for every age group. Whilst my family are well-travelled and love visiting new destinations, we make an exception for Beaches Resorts, even going so far as rebooking for the next year before we have even left.

People often ask us how we don't get bored returning to the same place for so many years, but the truth is that it each trip is better and different from the last… how can returning home to paradise ever get dull? Undoubtedly, the returning guests among you share this same affiliation with the company. Its deluxe all-inclusive style is unmatched in the travel industry and I would love for others to discover this spark. If you are already a Sandals fan, I can assure you that Beaches will not disappoint.

Beaches Resorts® is home to The World’s Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts. Choose to stay in 3 resorts in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos. Beaches Resorts were created for everyone! From families to couples, solo travellers to groups of friends – Enjoy endless Luxury Included® options!

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