The Best Of Mambo Beach, Curaçao: Have The Time Of Your Life

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Mambo Beach in Curaçao is more than just a beach, it is a boulevard. Mambo Beach Boulevard — a part of Curaçao that offers visitors a fantastic opportunity to shop, eat and enjoy nightlife whilst experiencing this beautiful Caribbean island.

Mambo Beach is also just a beach. It is enticing with white sandy shores and clear blue seas, and more than enough reason to look to Curaçao for an amazing island getaway. Hands down, this beach located around Mambo Beach Boulevard in Curaçao is among the most gorgeous stretches of sand and sea on this picturesque Caribbean island that continues to soar in popularity for travellers.

If you’re planning to travel to Curaçao and have a visit to Mambo Beach in mind, here’s what you can expect:

What you need to know about Curaçao and Mambo Beach…


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Curaçao is a small island that packs a hard punch. It is part of the ABC island chain that includes Aruba and Bonaire and its location in the Caribbean Sea makes it an amazing choice for beach holidays. There is a lot to do on these shores, and if you plan your trip right, you’ll have plenty of time to check out some of the standout attractions of Curaçao including Mambo Beach Boulevard which has some of the best restaurants, bars, entertainment, and shopping.

Mambo Beach itself is known for great water sports, lots of shade, great amenities and everything you’ll need for the perfect beach day. Mambo Beach is also known as Sea Aquarium Beach and it is one of Curaçao’s beautiful manmade beaches. There’s lots to do on and around this beach including spending some time out on the volleyball court, strolling the boardwalk, and even visiting the nearby Sea Aquarium.

Mambo Beach is just 4 miles away from Willemstad and won’t be hard to find while on holiday in this Caribbean isle.

Opening times Mambo Beach: 8 AM until Midnight (seven days a week)

Entrance fee for the beach: ~ 2.80 GBP

Lounge chair rental: ~ 3.30 GBP


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Things to do at Mambo Beach:

Best beach bars at Mambo Beach
Best restaurants at Mambo Beach
Best shops at Mambo Beach
Visit the Sea Aquarium

Most popular beach bars at Mambo Beach

1. Wet & Wild Beach Club

The Wet & Wild Beach Club promotes itself as being one of the best beach clubs in Curaçao and many agree with that sentiment. When you visit this spot for yourself and spend a few hours amid the palm trees, taking in the perfect beachside ambiance made even better by the breezy atmosphere and perfectly turquoise waters, you may find yourself standing in agreement as well.

This spot is open from 9 AM - 2 AM on Friday and on Sunday, all other days this beach club closes at 6 PM. The Wet & Wild Beach Club is one of the most vibrant party spots on the island and an experience here includes perfectly mixed cocktails, great food, and music that’ll definitely get you into that Caribbean groove. Wet & Wild Beach Club is cashless and accepts all major debit/credit cards.


Looking for unlimited free cocktails during your entire stay in Curaçao? Adults-only resort Sandals Royal Curaçao might be the place for you! Guests of this luxurious all-inclusive resort eat and drink for free - and the food is amazing.

2. Chill Beach Bar & Grill


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Chill Beach Bar & Grill is one of those beach bars you might hear some of the locals recommending while in Curaçao. Life certainly will be one big party in this tropical zone where it’ll be all about trying and finding your favourite island cocktail, enjoying barbecued delights including meat and fish skewers, and making the most of happy hour and the signature Chill & Grill Platters.

Chill Beach Bar & Grill opens daily from 9 AM - 10 PM, except for Wednesdays when they close early at 7 PM.

3. Bonita Beach Club


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Bonita Beach Club is located on Mambo Beach Boulevard in Curaçao and it is a great spot not just to dine, but to spend the day.

Cosy with a rustic ambiance, expect to be welcomed to this beach club by smiling faces moments before being introduced to some of the tantalising cocktails and meal options available. You can dine before or after you spend some time lounging beachside or swimming, and with over 200 beach beds, you don’t have to worry about not being able to find a place to relax.

Bonita Beach Club opens daily from 9 AM - 11 PM, except for Friday (closes late at 1 AM) and on Monday (closes early at 7 PM).

Most popular restaurants at Mambo Beach


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1. Hemingway

While in Curaçao, try the Hemingway bar and restaurant for a romantic dinner complemented by live music. From early evening this spot welcomes diners, even as early as 5 PM. Hemingway boasts an international menu so there is likely to be something for everyone. Popular menu items at this establishment include beef stew burgundy-style, spare ribs, pastas and wraps, and much more. There’s also a kiddie menu that includes options like pasta bolognese and chicken nuggets with French fries. Reservations are recommended.

2. Cabana Beach

Cabana Beach is great for socialising and dining in Curaçao. This location offers easy access to the beach, a sports bar, restaurant, and a boutique known as Blush. If you’re looking for a beach day that has it all including elements of luxury and the chance to enjoy VIP indulgences, you’ll be perfectly content at Cabana Beach which opens from around 7 AM to 6 PM on most days.

3. MOOD Beach Curaçao

The Bohemian style Mood Beach in Curaçao is great for unwinding. It is described as a place where you can escape from the ordinary, and indeed you’ll be able to do just that as you enjoy island life at its most indulgent. At Mood Beach you can enjoy amazing cocktails, soak in some sun, and even dine at the restaurant which prides itself in using fresh and high quality ingredients. The cashless Mood Beach accepts all major debit/credit cards, and it is a great place to celebrate special occasions as well.

4. Madero Ocean Club


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Madero Ocean Club on Mambo Beach Boulevard is a good option for relaxing or dining in style. A popular beach club, Madero has a nice restaurant, entertainment, a pool, and lots of regular activities. You can opt to go here just for lunch or dinner or be a full day guest.

Food wise, many of the menu items here are made with locally produced ingredients. The restaurant here makes a point of using fish from local fishermen, and locally farmed vegetables which might just make your meal extra delicious. Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for brunch at this beach club, and between 11 AM and 3 PM you’ll be able to order unlimited options from their à la carte brunch menu.

5. Pizza Mare

If you’re looking for a simple pizza date, Pizza Mare can be your go-to in Curaçao. This is an Italian Restaurant and it is located at Mambo Beach. The menu at Pizza Mare Ristorante Italiano includes a variety of Italian dishes including the pizza which many people come here for that is always cooked to perfection. Aside from pizza, try the fish specialties that you can enjoy in a laid back outdoor environment.

6. Bigeye Scad

The oceanic fish Bigeye Scad has many other names, like jacks and matang baka. In Curaçao, Bigeye Scad also refers to a local seafood restaurant near Mambo Beach which is popular with locals and tourists alike. Here you’ll be able to have your seafood fix with a wide variety of catches available daily including mahi mahi and red snapper cooked Caribbean style. If you go in the late afternoon, be sure to stick around for the spectacular sunset!

7. Greenhouse Restaurant


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Three Lebanese brothers are the minds behind the Greenhouse Restaurant in Curaçao which serves up a fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean food. If you dine here and are familiar with Lebanese cuisine you’ll definitely notice some of these influences infused into some of the options available here. Some popular items you can try at the Green House include beef, ribs and local “Stoba”. There’s also a decent selection of seafood here. This restaurant is loved because of its friendly staff, delicious meats and US size portions which guests enjoy.

8. El Grill & Mexicano

El Grill & Mexicano has tasty and traditional Mexican cuisine and an inviting atmosphere that can be perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. Some of the popular menu items here include tacos, crunchy homemade nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tapas, burgers and lots of meat and fish specialties. This restaurant has a great beachside view and a bright and colourful atmosphere. El Grill & Mexicano is open 7 days a week including on Sundays when they are also open for lunch.

9. Fuoco Prime Steak & Seafood

Fuoco Prime Steak & Seafood is another mouth watering option that’s worth trying in Curaçao. On the menu you’ll find dishes like prime steak topped with seafood, delicious tapas, pastas, burgers, ceviche, and lots of other options. Expect your steak to be served up steaming hot on a wooden board as enticing as a meal of this calibre should be. This restaurant is also known for its fusion concepts, so you can expect to be just as pleased by what you see as what you taste.

10. Origami Sushi


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Origami Sushi is the perfect place to go if you’re craving some sushi or sashimi. This restaurant is located within the Green House which is great if you want to try more than one type of food on the same evening. Origami Sushi has two locations, one in Santa Maria and one on Mambo Beach. If you plan on dining here keep in mind that there are sushi all you can eat specials from Monday to Thursday (sashimi not included). There’s also neat oceanside views from their Mambo Beach location.

If you love sushi, consider staying at Sandals all-inclusive resort in Curaçao. Guests can eat unlimited sushi for free at sushi restaurant Gatsu Gatsu, one of the 12 dining options that are included at the resort.

Best places to shop at Mambo Beach


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Curaçao is one of those Caribbean islands known for good shopping. There are many duty-free and even duty-relaxed options on this island and unique things holidaymakers can purchase while there. Areas like Mambo Beach Boulevard in Curaçao offer some of the island’s best shopping.

Most shops at Mambo Beach Boulevard are open from 10 AM to 6 PM, but might close a few hours early (around 2 PM) on a Sunday.

Flip Flop Shops

Flip Flop Shops as the name would suggest revolves around footwear. Flip flops in particular. Whether you’re just looking for a pair of casual flip flops or some other style of open-toed shoes to wear in and out of your resort while in Curaçao, you’re very likely to walk out of this shop with something you absolutely love. This store has options for both men and women.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue you might find this local shop that sells art, crafts, jewellery, clothing and more. If handmade jewellery (for men and women) is your thing, or you’re looking to get items along these lines as souvenirs, then this unique shop just might be the perfect stop. Whatever knickknacks you need, you might just find it Out of the Blue.

Don Caribe


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Don Caribe on Mambo Beach combines handcrafted cocktails with shopping. Here you can sift through a range of souvenirs and knickknacks, all the while enjoying cocktails made with the tastiest local spirits. Try the Long Island Iced Tea and Green Iguana or the famous Shark Bite. There’s also fresh local snacks on offer at the Don Caribe deli.

Obsession Watersports

Obsession Watersports is the place to go if you want to purchase holiday gear including floaties, backpacks, toys, rash guards, clothing, towels, footwear, men and women’s swimwear, and other equipment and accessories for the beach. You name it, and you probably will be able to find it at Obsession.

Body Candy / Hippie

Body Candy has a wide selection of bikinis, outdoor wear and other beach and resort styles that’ll be perfect for a day out in the Curaçao sunshine. Whether or not you already brought swimwear with you on this trip, you might find a reason to buy some more at this shop.

And last, but not least…

Visit the Sea Aquarium during the day


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The Curaçao Sea Aquarium stands out for many reasons including that it has an open-water system which means marine life here is in contact with the open sea at all times. Fresh sea water is pumped in daily, on a continuous basis and there’s actually nothing artificial about the displays at all.

Some of the experiences you can have here include the Ocean Lens where you can view sea life without getting wet. Then there’s the Sea Lion Encounter during which you can get up close to sea lions, and the shark feeding experience which is part of their Animal Encounter.

Other than that, there’s many other opportunities here to meet, greet, and otherwise interact with marine life at this aquarium. The Curaçao Sea Aquarium is about a 5-minute walk from Mambo Beach.

Have the time of your life at Mambo Beach

Planning makes perfect, and this guide to Mambo Beach should give you a headstart. Spend the morning strolling through the best parts of Willemstad and head over to Mambo Beach for the afternoon!

Visit the Sea Aquarium, shop around the boulevard for souvenirs, have a drink at one of the beach bars and start the night with a great meal at one of the restaurants near the beach.

Whether you’ve already started packing or you’re still in the planning stages, there is much to look forward to on a holiday in Curaçao and spending some time on Mambo Beach should definitely be part of your plans!

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