Top 10 Reasons To Visit Curaçao, And Sandals Is Now One Of Them!

Dainty pink flamingos, a vibrant culture, and the bluest waters you've ever seen! That is the beautiful island of Curaçao—pronounced “cure-a-sow”—in a nutshell. You've likely heard of this enchanting Dutch Caribbean island, which forms part of the ABC island chain, including Aruba and Bonaire. But what you may not have heard, is that travellers can add Curaçao to their list of luxury-included vacations now that Sandals Resorts has announced plans to open at this idyllic destination.

This will mark a brand new island destination for Sandals and the seventh Caribbean island Sandals calls home, including Jamaica, The Bahamas, Grenada, St. Lucia, Barbados, and Antigua.

Dive into the top 10 reasons you’ll want to visit Sandals Curaçao

1. Home to Sandals Resorts

While it isn't quite time to throw your swim-suits and shorts into your luggage and head to Curacao, you can definitely get excited about this new destination added to the Sandals All-Inclusive Resorts collection. Sandals Curaçao promises magical experiences for couples in love in a new destination that continues to win travellers' hearts from around the world! Soon, this lesser-known of the Antilles island country will be on everyone’s must-visit list. Like all Sandals Resorts, guests can expect the same Luxury-Included experiences Sandals is known for. With opulent accommodations, unlimited premium liquors, 5-star Global Gourmet dining, thrilling land and water sports, and more, guests will have the world's most comprehensive all-inclusive experience when staying at Sandals Curaçao.

2. Curaçao - ‘Feel It For Yourself’

This vibrant Dutch island has coined the phrase “Feel it For Yourself,” which is as alluring as the island itself. With a fusion of 55 different nationalities and locals who typically speak four languages, everyone is welcome at this hidden gem, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. There is no right way to experience Curaçao, because every traveller can make the island their own, while embracing its authentic, unforgettable spirit.

Fun fact: A bi-lingual island (Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish), Curaçao is a melting pot of cultures which makes things so much more exciting for visitors!

3. Easy to Get to

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The beauty of traveling to Curaçao is that it's easy to get to from Europe with just one stop-over in Amsterdam or Miami.

Getting to Curaçao is easy, and just 30 minutes away from the airport, getting to Sandals Resorts is even easier. With complimentary transfers for all guests and complimentary private transfers in luxury vehicles for top tier accommodations, Sandals Resorts takes care of your vacation experience the moment you set foot on the island.

4. Colourful beyond belief

Photo credit: elvirkins/ Curaçao’s colorful capital, Willemstad.

When you think of street art, New York and Miami may come to mind, but just wait until you see Curaçao. When visiting Willemstad, Curaçao’s capital, colourful murals fill building walls with designs ranging from geometric shapes to realistic portraits and political commentary.

Nena Sanchez, a popular local artist, painted murals of her famous blue women across the city. When visiting, try and see how many you can spot!

5. Hidden Foodie Gem

While many people travel to explore new landscapes or layout on a tropical beach, many Sandals Resorts guests travel for something else—the food, and Curaçao offers a treasure trove of culinary flavours and cuisines. When staying at Sandals Resorts, you can expect a level of variety, quality and creativity run by world-class chefs who are as authentic as the cuisine they serve.

When exploring beyond the walls of the resort, a local dish you can't leave the island without trying is Keshi Yena, whose name in Papiamento, the local language on the island, literally means "stuffed cheese." This Curaçaoan main dish, consisting of a large round ball of cheese, gets stuffed with spiced meat, typically chicken, and is served steamed or baked.

6. “Fore” the Love of Golf

Located on the west end of the island, the new Sandals Curaçao will be characterized by expansive, hilly terrain and home to the destination's top golf course, Old Quarry. Designed to complement Curaçao’s beautiful hills and valleys, the Pete Dye-designed 18-hole golf course spanning 6,920 yards will challenge players of all skill levels. Best of all, when staying with Sandals, you might even spot a few resident iguanas lounging on the greens while you tee up with your partner.

7. Adventure Awaits

Curacao, with its idyllic blue waters and lush views also has rough and rugged terrain perfect for adventure travellers. If outdoor adventures are a bit more your speed, opt for ATV rides through Curaçao's desert, mountain biking the countless trails or animal encounters at the Ostrich farm. Curaçao offers unlimited land activities for travellers to enjoy.

When staying at Sandals Resorts, travellers can enjoy the beauty of the destination and explore beyond the walls of the resort.

8. Lover’s Paradise

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway to add to your list, make sure Curaçao is in your top three. With soothing sounds of the ocean, picturesque landscape views, and year-round perfect weather, Curaçao is the ideal destination to amp-up the passion with your significant other.

When looking for a romantic resort, look no further than Sandals Resorts. Rooted in love and made for couples, Sandals Resorts will offer travellers an ideal locale to spice things up. From couples massages to candlelight dinners and secluded spots for intimate relaxation, Sandals Resorts are specifically designed for romance.

9. Set on a beautiful coved beach

Curaçao, known for its colourful Instagram-worthy buildings, is also the island of 35 beaches. With that many beaches on an island that spans 180 square miles, travellers will find a beach for every mood, vibe, activity, and waters to match the country’s famed blue liqueur. Whether you're opting to snorkel and explore the depths of Curaçao’s underwater world or want to spend a lazy afternoon working on your tan, visitors won’t have to worry about slim pickings at Sandals because watersports are always included.

It’s no surprise that loyal Sandals Resorts guests return year after year. The secret? Founder and Chairman Gordon "Butch" Stewart knows a great beach when he sees one. All Sandals Resorts are westward-facing because the waters are calmer and the beaches are stunning. Sandals Curacao will be home to a white-sand beach that stretches 1,500 ft (450 meters) and is bordered by a crystal-clear and serene swimming lagoon.

10. A Divers Paradise

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A list of reasons to visit Curaçao would not be complete if it did not mention the best reason of all—the diving and snorkelling! Whether you're a novice diver or have an open water certificate, you'll find a dive site perfect for you. With plenty of shipwrecks, wall dives and underwater cliff faces, you'll be able to explore Curaçao’s underwater world. Think sea turtles, eagle rays, sharks, eels and fish unique to Curaçao, like the yellow-spotted sand goby and the spotted four-fin blenny. Like all Sandals Resorts, once the resort is ready to welcome guests, expect the Sandals PADI-Certified scuba diving experience to come with the very best equipment, staff and unbelievable dive sites!

An exciting opportunity for couples in Curaçao!

Home to some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, a flavourful local culture, unique Dutch-inspired architecture, and much more, Curaçao is an adventure waiting to be had. The island remains a lesser-known destination for Americans, but now Sandals guests are in on the secret. When the time comes for Sandals Curacao to open its doors, visiting Curacao practically guarantees a memorable vacation.

Be on the lookout for more details on this new Luxury-Included Resort coming soon!

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