Equipment Always Included

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Equipment is Always Included

Scuba diving at Sandals Resorts truly offers you the very best in equipment, staff and unbelievable dive sites – all included! From regulators, BCD’s, masks, snorkels, fins and tanks to state-of-the-art, twin diesel Newton boats and expert guidance from our PADI® certified dive professionals – we’ve taken care of everything!

  • Sandals Scuba Equipment - Mask & Snorkel

    Mask & Snorkel

    Silicone masks, adheres to your face allowing a comfortable fit. If you prefer, you can bring along your own mask and snorkel.

  • Sandals Scuba Equipment - Tanks

    Scuba Tanks

    Luxfer® and Catalina® tanks are maintained with high standards and visually inspected annually and hydro-tested every 5 years to certify structural integrity and safety.

  • Sandals Scuba Equipment - Bouyancy Control Device (BCD)

    Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

    SCUBAPRO® brand rated among the top product line internationally in the dive industry.

  • Sandals Scuba Equipment - Regulators


    Top-of-the-line Scuba Pro® regulator, featuring Mk 2 first stage with R-295 second stages. Regularly serviced and maintained by Scuba Pro® trained technicians to ensure safety and efficiency.

  • Sandals Scuba Equipment - Scuba/Snorkeling Fins

    Scuba/Snorkeling Fins

    Deep Blue Fins®, a rising star in the industry, providing comfortable fit due to their easy full foot design, and great for diving in the tropics.

  • Sandals Scuba Equipment - Weight Belts

    Weight Belts

    Weight belt system, includes nylon webbed fabric with molded weight, encased in rubber tight material for comfort.

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Sandals Scuba Inclusions - Custom Built Newton Dive Boats

Custom Built Newton Dive Boats

Our fleet of specially-designed, twin diesel Newton dive boats provide you with everything you need for a spectacular scuba diving experience. Featuring custom dive tank holders, water entry platforms, fresh water rinse-downs, ample deck space and more, these top-of-the-line dive boats are the number one requested boats by both divers and charter operators.

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